Coffee Machine Bialetti

Coffee Machine Bialetti
This morning I arrived very very early in the workplace. there was cleaning ladies occupying my work room so I decided to seat in our meeting room to wait the cleaning. But suddenly the little monster was going out for a walk so I took chance of what I had in front of me.

Coffee Machine

Making mine, my same lesson I started to sketch (very inspired indeed) the coffee machine. It’s a nice coffee machine, it’s one of the best italian brands called “Bialetti”. It’s shining aluminium texture and the cloudy weather did the rest.

I’m very happy for this sketching, apart from the results, because I took a chance, a strange occasion let’s say to make one of my favorite sketches. It’s wrong, it’s not perfect but I did it.

Coffee Machine

And also for today the little monster is a little defeated. I just have to dare again.


Another sketch from the beach

Another sketch from the beach

The pictures looks big but this was in reality don on my faithful Stillman and Birn gamma Pocket sketchbook.

Being at the seaside it’s okay and finding time for sketching is as always, hard. I had just the bare time to make a quick sketch with my Pitt Pen (so sorry to not use my Lamy Safari) and I colored this while chatting.

Sub optimal chance, but still okay.


Cheers from the hottest summer in the last 200 years so far.

Five minutes plus five minutes 

Five minutes plus five minutes 
It’s all about time that I fought to find for my sketching. Resulting later on a kiddish sketching because I’ve not disconnected enough right brain.

So this is my summary. Running to location seated over this cement bowl 

Later sketched on five minutes on location a white car parked.oh I’ve added also the caption, impressive huh!

Back to my office desktop I used to fill some quick  color using watercolors pencils and water brushes. I have always some in any places, like that.

Colored. In a hurry obviously.
And this is the masterpiece.

Well done? Meh.

At least I’ve struggled and defeat the dark lazy monster.

The three colleagues during the lunch break and the need to sketch daily 

The three colleagues during the lunch break and the need to sketch daily 
I don’t love to write long titles nor long stories but this is it.

I forced my self two days ago to go out for Sketching. My break is becoming shorter and shorter and the weather outside is very hot and humid. Like Africa but at considerable higher latitude.
This was the scenario after my colleagues left the Pavillion. Three minutes before was so   crowdy 


And this is the sketch that I colored the day after. Just an excuse for adding 10 minutes of color in my life.


My dear son is sleeping at the beach

My dear son is sleeping at the beach and thats lovely. I’m a bad sleeper and seeing my darling so easy even with 36 degrees Celsius is simply wonderful. It brings me in peace with the world. With our world.

I added only few washes of color because first I did it with some “babies readiness ” in charge. Also because it was really hot. Finally because seems there is enough good outline.

I had the chance also to go for sketching my view from my beach cabin. Lots of boats: good place to stay today.

Here the same reasons as before for coloring. Plus I stopped coloring because the weather is so hot and moist hat send sketching inside the Amazon Forest.

God bless waterbrushes. Can I have them with air conditioning encapsulated so when I sketch I will not sweat like a fish?

People taking sun and talking at the beach

I suck on titles I suppose. I can see that I’m quite monotone sometime. Should I say Sketching of the Day and then set the title based on that day? Don’t know. Still thinking about it.

In the meantime two days ago I was able to sketching eve more than mere lines.

People staring on their small beach seats talking, some young guys playing cards… Wow! And it was only 30 degrees Celsius!

How sad is seeing people spending most of their time under the sun with a phone? Instead of a good book, sketchbook or even plain paper…