A sketch of an old monumental anchor

A sketch of an old monumental anchor on my city. It reminds me about old times gone with friends. I was always amused abiut these anchors, how big they are, how they can shine even if they are so black.

Made with Sigma drawing pen and pencil on Canson sketching paper. Washes with Winsor&newton artists’ watercolors.

Amelie the cat studies

This is my cat Amelie. She’s not so cuddly but she loves us, I know. These are jsut some studies. Isnt she lovely? Expecially when sleeping…


Made directly with Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Noodler’s ink and some washes of Winsor&Newton watercolors over Canson dessin paper.



Piazza Cairoli

A very warm day. it’s quite hot to go around with bike finding a place to sketch. But I found the place. Sitting around Piazza Cairoli on a marble seat, I done a quick sketch. And I realaxed for few minutes. Some sketching first in pencil then I went with ink all around.

Not one of my best sketch but I enjoyed.

Sketched with rotring Art Pen filled with Noodler’s Ink and my tin Mini watercolor kit over the modified Winsor&Newton sketchpad. It was so hot that I wished to dring the water in my waterbrushes! 🙂