Attempt of sketching a sunset

Attempting of sketching a sunset…

Some subjects are always very difficult to sketch. At least for me.
This is one is one attempt. I done in 5 minutes, just the time to love the sun and the weather around me. Also today a quite nice time frame for my patience with this kind of subject, very difficult.

I was also on a nice sea-side so… this is the result of the sketching session.

Attempting of sketching a sunset

Straight water brush washes with Winsor&Newton Artists’ watercolors and some pencil just around the sun.

Sketching of my favourite park seat

Park seat sketching. Not only using it.

It’s just a sketching of my favorite wooden seat inside my favorite park. I’d like to draw it straight with in ink, with full colors. Nothing special but worth to be sketched.
Because it knows me and my bike very well. I go there often to see the people and the port. There is also a park so close, so, what else?

It has also a nice view… but is always sunny and in these days, eh-mm there is a melting risk.  🙂

>Park seat sketching

Sketched using my Rotring Art Pen filled with Noodler’s black bulletproof ink over the customized Winsor&Newton sketch pad with the same brand of watercolors.


New addition Pentel White Gel pen

Pentel White Gel pen

Here we go the new pen added to my bunch in the sketching grab bag.

White Pentel Gel Pen. White pigmented, waterproof, fade proof, perfect for sketching. Writes wonderful, smoothly and plenty of pigment. Lovely at least!!

Pentel white Gel Pen

I bought because sometimes I need something white for sparkle of lights, using this one as the black for drawing on dark paper or it’s simply perfect on wrapping paper as the previous pad. Or whatever it is I like it a lot 🙂

Thanks to where I bought this fantastic pen! I bought two, one for me and one for my lovely wife.

Sketching how I feel today in the office today

Sketching how I feel today in the office

I do a lot of quick sketching in the office. This is one of them. And the more stressed, the better they are… sometimes! 🙂 Probably this is not one of my best but I think it’s clear my mental status! Just kidding. I’m so happy!

Sketching how I feel today in the office

Sketched with a Faber Castell Pitt Pen and quick washes in Winsor and Newton Watercolors on a cheap recycled paper block notes.

Sketching Church of Piazza S.Teresa

Sketching Church of Piazza S.Teresa

Here again sketching this site. I love this piazza, maybe because there are big marble benches where I can seat comfortably and chill after work.
So I went again there trying to draw and sketch the church that gives the name of this piazza. The church is nothing special but always interesting only in the upper part, for historical and aesthetic reasons.

But worth to try. I learned and I had some food time again.
This is the upper and beautiful part of the Church, the main façade. Probably is not that small at it seems here. 🙂 I sketched while trying to be more accurate that the lower side.

Sketching Church of Piazza S.Teresa

This is the lower part. I also sketched using a different style.
Sketching lower side Church of Piazza S.Teresa

This time I used on my Winsor&Newton modified sketch pad the line of Rotring Art Pen loaded with Noodlers Ink and pencil 2B. Then I washed with Winsor & Newton watercolors.