Sketching a gate of an abandoned house

Sketching of a gate of an abandoned house

This sketching of an abandoned house made some days ago and I forgot about it. So this is also the beauty of opening and reopening the sketch pad: seeing what done and in a certain way, to live again that moments.

I am very attracted from this gate, because it belongs to an abandoned house near the sea (and I say everything) that takes a lot of light on every moment of the day. To enter in this estate there is an old street that with a lot of stones in the middle so to stop any car ,and on the sides there are a lot of agave plants. These agave plants are really big and are also wroth to be sketched later with the entrance. By the way I think i will go there again to do some sketching at the sunset, one day more.

So I decided to go there for sketching in this hot summer and enjoyed a lot. The reasons are that I was in the right mood for sketching was the sound of the waves of the near shores, and there was also a lot of cicadas playing their music . Sitting almost on the ground on a small stone over the street the brings to the opening, fighting against order of ants that were climbing my legs trying to reach my pants. So very funny. I never went out of focus so first I draw it lightly with a pencil and later I went with ink.

Sketching of gate of abandoned house

So I inked this sketching with my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with the marvelous Platinum Carbon Ink, and I colored and washed with the Winsor & Newton Artist’s watercolors over the Moleskine Watercolor pocket pad. And finally i gave some touch of light with the White Gelly Roll by Sakura that is a white  pigmented pen that well behave on this sketching.

Hope you will like it.



Sketching near the Lungomare seafront promenade

Sketching near the lungomare

Sketching near port sides, over the seafront promenade, lungomare, and taking a pause, a break is a classic view. Here some of mine done recently with also a fisherman. I went there, after the work. I reached the promenade with the will to sketch something, seated and paused on the wooden stand. My stand is something higher than the sea, where there is a lower promenade used by fishermen and several other people doing don’t know what.

Sketching near the seafront this time took not much time, i think I did three sketches in one hour. Very fast for my standards. One of the reasons was that my stand was in full light and sun is biting hard in these days. Moreover the water of this side of the seafront of promenade is quite stinky and the color is a bad muddy green. as everyone could imagine the sketching in these conditions are not the best or something to dream at night.

Here the first sketch. There was an old man fishing. An old man with brown kin like thousands tan baths.
Fishing… I mean in this muddy stinky water like flowers gone rotten, it’s a big word. But this old man was enjoying the fishing, and from time to time he was also feeding the fish with a sling.
Under that muddy slimy water I saw fishes big like my arm twisting and eating something to not name here in my precious blog. And he was trying to fish them. Bleah! 🙂
Sketching of fisherman

So I raised my view and instead of lurking for inspiration down to the sea from fishermen or what I simply started sketching my view, near a palm tree. There is something that saves my sketching session I think. I sketched on my brand new Sea White of Brighton all-media sketch pad and I was to start again here. I needed something fresh.

Sketching of near the lungomare 30072012

For these sketches I went drawing straight in ink, with my faithful workhorses, My Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and then washing and coloring with Winsor&Newton Artists watercolors. Thanks also to the Pentel Water brushes for the excellent company…

Hope you will like it.

Sketching in the office

Sketching in the office

Sketching in the office is something that everyone go to do it. Five reason to do it.

  1. First of all is funny;
  2. Second it give you some more knowledge of what you use and why you use it;
  3. Third you can always make some good compositions, in italian “natura morta”, so you have always available some good material for sketching or doodling. And it takes a little time;
  4. It’s damn funny again because if you have something, some object  that you hate in the office, after sketching you will love it;
  5. Everybody can have a full lunch break losing some time, doing this appointment a great stress reliever.

Obviously, I don’t do it during the work hours but I do it in my lunch break when, for instance there too much heat or too much cold to be outside for sketching during the lunch break. And in these days, at least here, days are very hot and i prefer to stay sketching inside the office, near my monitor so I can write also in the same time on my blog, making it almost real-time.
Good to have always in your drawer or near to you your sketching kit as me. But really the joy of sketching or journaling that could be done with ease and with spending almost nothing. You just need a pen, everybody in the office has a pen, and some paper, everybody in the office has some paper.
For instance i collect all the bad prints or wrapping paper and I make sketch pads, I’m doing some funny experiments. So also some funny and happy recycling why not!

Here some examples of what I’ve sketched.

Just some object on my desktop, you just need a springer paper clip, a gift, whatever. And later you can go with some watercolors or not, just leaving as that. here on recycled wrapping paper. Here you can see my watercolors home-made micro kit or my White Gelly Roll Sakura Pen, but I used a very common rollerball pen.
Sketching of at office on wrapping paper objects 30072012

Here again some imaginary landscapes that I was sketching…
Sketching of at office on wrapping paper new york 30072012

Here another variation of the same them: the waves and the sea, sketching with white gel pen
Sketching of at office on wrapping paper wave 30072012

Something recharging on my desktop, my mobile phone. Endless, really endless subjects to draw.
Sketching of at office on wrapping paper phone 30072012

And I’m not writing you about the office doodles. But this is another story… eheheh





Sketching an amazing breakfast with my love

Sketching an amazing breakfast with my love

Sketching an amazing breakfast is something special. Because you are sketching what you love to do first in the morning with the person who you love most. and today was an other step stone, a landmark in our adventure. Worth to be sketched again. And repetitively.
This morning was a fresh incredible surprise. I love how she dressed the table with a delicate tissue under all, everything is above a rare wood plate.
That’s incredible and I felt to fix it in the morning. There was more than one cornetto, obviously so I left only one (yeah… big sacrifice) leaving all things untouched.
I was speaking to her, with her but my eyes were on this fabulous dressed table.
After some minutes arrived also my mom and my father to join the company.

But my mind was focused in sketching and fixing that moment of love with my love. All on the table was really pretty: the way the cups were dressing the table, the small plant inside a small glass, the sugar pottery, and the green paper towels at side adding a colour touch like a smile in a field of poppers.

Everything was so shining this morning, shining of something incredible. So sketching this precious moment was something natural.

Here the picture a little bit closer.

All this drawing I made with her, drawing the same subject. We felt to draw the same subject. We were sketching sloooooooooowly, one detail at time. First all the shapes then going into details of cornetto, coffee, plant. Amazing.

I used to draw with my faithful Lamy Safari filled by the fantastic Platinum Carbon Ink. Then I went with my Winsor & Newton Watercolors set over a A4 pad of the same brand. Bigger than my usual size. And was so good.

I did the writing with my Rotring Art Pen 1.9mm filled with Noodler’s Black.

Have a nice saturday to everyone.

Sketching with fountain pens and two inks

Sketching with two fountain pens and two inks

Sketching with two fountain pens and two inks is the most interesting thing that I’ve done recently. Consider this post like a mini review. I think I reached now my personal nirvana. I’ve all the fountain pen I love, I have three colors (four technically…) gorgeous ink for sketching, writing, washing and so forth.

After I recently made and ugly review of Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink I suddenly have the will to sketch with this color and with the other fountain pen in Navy Blue.

The first ink is a marvelous and luscious earth tone that I bought seems it resemble my favorite color the earthy Burnt Sienna. To be used like a sanguine, for an ageless line.
The other one after a lot of sketches, never gave me up: the Noodlers Navy is a wonderful color to write with any paper. And also is almost bullet proof making it ideal for sketching in any surface, even the cheapest paper. And so also it washes wonderfully, better than the platinum, and so in the white copier paper do its best in terms of colors.

So… I grabbed my tow Lamy Safari and I’m in sketching some things quickly on my sketch pad. One fountain pen I filled with the excellent Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink and the other fountain pen has Noodler’s Navy Blue Ink. Oh my goodness, now the matching of an earth tone with a blue dark-teal tone is something that pleases to me a lot.

Here the picture of the madness I’m talking about.

Sketching with two fountain pens and two inks

Then, I wrote some quick notes on the sides, just as recap of this mad aventure inside my tiny sketches. And also I did some quick washes with my Pentel waterbrush to add some more shading. And once again I feel happy.

I just starting to think to mix some more inks to experiment with these marvelous inks, but again I’ve to stop my self in thinking about that… it’s dangerous to have a lifetime supply unused in our scaffoldings.
Sketching with two fountain pens and two inks is always better than one.


Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink personal review

Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown

This is my second love from Platinum Inks, the Platinum Mix Free. My love for Platinum started with the Carbon Black ink that is marvelous, under every aspect. My Lamy Safary never went wrong with this black ink.

I was reading so much about this inks series, the Platinum Mix Free, and reading good reviews all around the Internet.
So I decided to have a try with one of this Mix Free series and I ordered the earth brown on with some more stuff, obviously.
Probably I will order another one in the future of the same brand, maybe one green and I will try to mix some. I don’t now. Maybe another black or one of the beautiful teal or blue that are in the catalogue. But if these colors are not in the catalog i can mix them to fin my perfect blue-black.
Mmmmh with these inks are designed to be mixed and I don’t want to boost this thoughts. Ehehe they are addictive and I don’t want to think how many colors I can make in my fountain pens by mixing these colors so to have a lifetime supply of inks.

Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink

Here some sketches just to test the washing properties. Yes the washing properties or to be water-resistant. Surprisingly is fairly water-resistant until a certain point where it can show it  vivid red stays in place.

Platinum mix free earth brown ink sample drawing

This is an excellent fountain pen ink, flows and writes very smoothly. Has some resistance to water but I didn’t buy this ink to wash over like the Carbon ink, but to use it like a sanguine or to write something special. The tone is just fine, some shading, and I see also some green shading on cheapest papers. This ink seems to be like a Burnt Sienna tone in a liquid form and so I like it more.
Since I was studying arts this was, I don’t know why, one of my favorite color. I like earths.


A sketching from one of my journal pages

It’s worth to show one sketching from one of my journal pages so far.

Sketching from my journal that I’m making.
It’s one of the projects that I’m doing, this one in particular is for someone special that will hopefully show in the next times.

In few words I’m sketching and drawing and doodling this journal to my wife and the baby inside her. Yes, soon, hopefully, we will enjoy the parenting. Me as dad? Wow, I feel weird. 🙂

I’m really enjoying to make this journal in specific, it’s one of my most dedicated projects. I make sketch and doodles here almost every single day, to show and to illustrate what happened during the day, to write short thoughts, lists, everything. It’s like a private sketching that I will open later, probably in the next 18 years like a treasure.
God willing, I will be there when the recipient will be reading this art project.

In this picture of this sketched journal, taken with my phone after completed, I show a Sunday lunch passed with my parents and my wife’s parents.
sketching from one of my journal

I like to keep many thought inside this journals, and I like to play also with the layouts like a news paper, like a fancy magazine or free. Sometimes I go back and I also add some more caption in very tiny writings… Funny. A lot of fun to say at least. Also because I do it usually during the night or after dinner so I can recap all the day with ease, and that’s fine also because all the noises are gone and I can work on it very quietly. Just the sound of my brushes. Sketching during the night also assumes that is like working in a different world, focused, very focused on what you are doing.

In this journal I have a lot of fun because I’m sketching with many techniques, still ink and watercolors are my favourite.
Usually, I wrote here with a dip pen and inks, india inks, drawing inks, fountain pens inks and so forth. But many times, I wrote here straight with my fountain pen.
The often I draw with pencil, but a lot of time I go straight with my faithful fountain pens (Rotrings and Lamys) so to ink directly.
Then I go down with watercolors, my faithful watercolors, or with washable pastels, or both, or I go with any kind of pen, even the cheapest ball point.
Having no rules at all, at least in your personal art projects I think is worth to do.