Making some more recycled sketch pads

Making some more recycled sketch pads

Oh yes, still making more recycled sketch pads from paper trims from my office.
Sincerely I feel good when I can recycle everything and why not, even more if I can use something coming from my office and I can recycle for my creativity.

So making this recycled sketch pads is something special, funny, and easy overall.
I used this time trims from bad prints of photocopiers paper, wrapping paper, envelope carb box used for international deliveries and old blue thick paper from old folders.
I made different sketch pads recycling different materials, and mixing them in the same booklet so to have from time to time  a different challenge. For example I made a sketch pad with paper taken from photocopiers paper and some brown wrapping paper. But I did also the opposite, I made some wrapping paper sketch pads with few white sheets.

recycled sketch pads

So I made this sketch pads, I binded with a linen thread (I like linen thread) and I binded with the simplest way to bind, the pamphlet binding. Again this kind of binding is quite easy to make and it’s easy to bind even in the lunch break.
I just need a bigger paper-cutter, so to trim more paper like this one or better like this one that is sturdier (too pricey for now indeed), or to find a good paper-cutter to trim at least 20-30 pages thick sketch pads.

Hope you like my recycled sketch pads!

Sketching at the dentist

Sketching at the dentist

Even sketching at the dentist! In these days I feel like unstoppable!
Yesterday another full afternoon at the dentist. Me first and later my wife.

I was with my wife, and so the doctor was curing her slowly. Obviously going slowly, my wife cannot talk for obvious reasons: great match for sketching the doctor operating. 🙂

sketching at the dentist

I sketched very quickly, and between pause showing the becoming results to my audience there. I was reluctant to do it but she wanted also to make a picture so it’s okay. More over the time while sketching fled so fast…

I did this sketching not using my grab bag but using my Micro Kit. I wasted my cheap pigmented pen because I left it uncapped so I used my Pilot V-Pen (Varsity in US markets), that probably is the best disposable fountain pen in the world. But the ink, excellent for any use, is quite average for art because it smudges a bit as you can see here. Than I did just a couple of washes with my watercolors of my micro kit (6 colors are quite enough…) and et voilà!
I hope you will like it!


Sketching live music a fantastic duo

Sketching live music a fantastic duo

Sketching live music is one of the most challenging task for a sketcher. Even more if you are listening to a fantastic duo that plays a lot in very expressive way.

So, yesterday night we went to listen some good live music from this fantastic duo Musica Nuda. We know this duo since the origin, many years ago and the main features are that it’s a duo, voice plus a fantastic guy playing contrabass. It’s one of the most interesting musical projects in Italy but also they play a lot all over Europe, mainly in France.
She has a very charismatic voice, incredible tonal range, and a lot of presence on stage. He has great talent in playing contrabass, in many ways not only the “classical” way.

It was a real challenge to make sketching in this live concert because… they are simply mesmerizing me.
I just was able to make two sketching with  my cheapie pigmented pen and only couple of watercolor washes.

First of all some warm up
at the concert musica nuda 02

But after this “warm up” above the sketching ended with this one, and I was not able to make anything more because she is so capturing and moving on stage and the voice… so I felt to not lose all these nuances in the voices. So for these night sketching is over.
sketching at the concert musica nuda


Happy sketching day today

Happy sketching today

Today is not a sketching but is Happy sketching day!
We went this morning to the doctor for a visit that we were waiting for since some time.
It’s mainly a visit that show the morphologic status of the baby, so everything went sound and safe. But she was waiting for the sex of the baby growing inside the belly and… tadaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s a baby male!
And we are very happy!
So I sketched this on my dear journal, sketching straight from the pictures taken from the visit with the magic sonar.
I used the Rotring Art Pen filled with Noodler’s Black, the Pentel Brush Pen, and most of all the Stabilo Woody Pencil that is something new that I love a lot.
sketching today news its a male

Here is written in italian that “finally we know that in our life there will be a cute baby boy. Mum and dad are very happy”.

Then later I had a session of three hours at the dentist but this is not worth to mention so much…

But I had also some time for sketching something else. I was alone in the balcony enjoying the fresh air, and after three hours of continuous phoning to all parents, relatives, friends and colleagues, the wind was chilling my brain and my ears. And finally is not that hot. So I was captured by a very common image in any family, that I love really a lot: clothes drying.
sketching clothers drying

I did this sketching very quickly going into ink straight without thinking. I sketched also looking at the ink not so often, trying to make as right brain training. And it’s not my best but I’m pleased of the results overall. Sorry for the crappy picture but I felt relaxed only about the sunset and so I started sketching this.
I used my lovely Lamy Safari and my Winsor & Newton Watercolors over the SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pad.


Sketching camping sea sun nature day four

Sketching camping sea sun nature day four

Sketching in the camping with sea sun nature has reached the day four. Technically tomorrow is the last day but since we have to dismount all things before ten o’ clock, we think this night as the last night and day here in this beautiful camping near the sea.

Today was also another nice day to stay here, we did a lot of chatting and talking as usual and I can let you imagine about what. Also we did a lot of sketching, and drawing, most of them during the morning.
Here there is here drawing the bet of today: will be a baby girl or a baby boy?
Notice how he loves to be surrounded of colors… because she is colors!
sketching my love at camping sketching and drawing 02

So it was a productive day talking about sketching journaling and drawing. Not productive at all in any other meaning. I don’t care 🙂

Me I was also focused in sketching that small things that made our life better here in camping. An old lamp like the ones the you can see in car workshops, very useful, because the gas lamp is dead.
sketching lamp at camping

And also the mini fridge that we loaned in the camping. Small but effective since we are drinking liters of water per day. I’m so grateful for that. It’s under a pine tree, and I have a deep love for him. Dunno why.
sketching fridge at camping

Our relax devices are also gone even in the dear journal… Today I liked a lot the sketching with pencils. I was inspired to do that.
sketching chair and more at camping

And above all sketching about birds, flowers and plant I place this one, obviously for very sentimental reasons. I’m very tempted to put all sketches made today on this post, on every post on the blog, but I must choose: otherwise reading and watching is too boring I think.
sketching my love while drawing and sketching at camping

I realize how much I was sketching and drawing only at the end of the day, seeing how much I produced only at a very later view. Because to me, sketching, drawing, doodling, or something like this, it’s like entering in another state of mind, like a trance where time and space are non-sense. I lose and I free my self. It happens also to you? I’d like to read some comments about that from you.

Ok, end of silly questions. 😉

Today I sketched using a plethora again of art supplies, my Lamy Safari is my faithful companion (and so my Platinum Carbon Ink) with my Winsor&Newton Artists’ Watercolors, and Faber-Castell pencils over Seawhite of Brighton sketch pad and journal.


Sketching camping sea sun nature day three

Sketching camping sea sun nature day three

Camping sun sea sketching nature and so forth on day three. I can change this terms but the overall substance remains the same. Nothing more than relax for us, for my love, and for the next project coming soon.
I was reading again earlier posts and probably I’m writing too much of my love and our days passed together rather than writing in more focused posts about sketching, drawing, doodles, colors, art, etc. But what can I say, she’s my muse and my first fan so everything I’m doing now is thanks to her…

So today was another boiling hot day, and was so difficult to make some drawing or sketching. I did it late in the morning and only when we went to the beach leaving the pine tree forest here. Tomorrow we will have probably some lovely friends as guests, I hope to make some doodles at least and to have some time to make some sketches, even one should be enough to shut my thirst! 🙂

In few words here, near the beach, but all over the camping that is literally on-the-sea, there is full of plants called “macchia mediterranea”, something like mediterranean spots. Near the beach there are a lot of perfumed plants like rosemary (my favourite), juniper, thyme, myrtle (second in place over my favourites for a hair) and a lot more. I grew into these kind of plants scratching me to harvest the myrtles to make a delicious liquor (mirto), family recipe and national liquor from Sardegna, since my mother is from Sardinia.

Sorry for the bad quality but all pictures in camping are taken under the low light of an old mechanic light and under the camping light. Not the optimum for showing to people.
These are two of the myrtle sketching. Probably under the sunlight they will pop up more colors.

sketching myrtle at the camping

Here is my dear relaxing even with this heat. But I think she needed. What a marvellous human figure to sketch isn’t it? 🙂 I set a wrong date, but who cares.
sketching at camping my love is relaxing

And so some sketching made on the beach, one is more than a doodle because I was passing the time chatting and talking with her, in the meantime I was trying to study some figures while doodling and sketching. I took all these sketches only with my Pilot V-Pen for a later coloring, still undecided if I have to do so.
sketching at the beach 01

sketching at the beach 02

sketching at the beach 03
I made the other sketches as usual with my workhorse Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and with my Winsor&Newton watercolors over SeaWhite of Brighton pocket sketch pad and journal.

Hope you enjoy!



Sketching camping sea sun nature day two

Sketching camping sea sun nature day two

Camping sea sun nature and sketching day two.
Today was definitively a better day for many reason. Yesterday night was a really fresh night and so we had a great rest from the heat of the day. And today is the same. we are chilling under the moon and the stars.

This day was also very positive for sketching. Today we dressed our folding camping table, full of colors, many pads and liters of water to drink. Although the hot weather we tried today to have fun. This is the picture of the table dressed with the classical checkered towel, and full of art materials. Please notice on the lower corner the device for my rhinitis. Please also note in the other corner one of the great sketching of my love, I like a lot her way to make joyful and a happy journal for the baby. She likes to use a lot of colors.Today sketching was like being subwater holding the breath from one wash to another…
sketching at camping sketching table 02

I started sketching our orange gas lamp, a great camping classic, stuck on the tree in front of our tent, under the pine. And I did it as warm up on my pocket SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pad. I went straight in ink and watercolor.
sketching at the camping orange lantern

Then I realized that probably is better to enlarge the focusing range and to include the main view in front of me, and some more as you can see here: even the beach towels are main characters in my sketching. I realized that probably this one shows better our feeling here in the camping. It took a lot of time, but I’ve no rush and I’m on vacation so time well spent with my love, with the birds tweeting and the lizards hunting ants.
sketching at the camping beach tissues

I sketched also some more things, pine cones, lizards, and some were so ugly… Nad also some in the beach just before the sunset. Ok not every sketching goes okay… But I had as always a great time with my love and with my self. And also as Danny Gregory says “please DO waste art materials”: I did it.
I used some of best watercolors available, my favourite Platinum Carbon Ink, my Faber-Castell pencils, my Lamy Safari is well used.

Yes, bread crumbs of happiness. At least for us.