Sketching another day in Rome

Sketching another day in Rome

This day in Rome was better than yesterday for some sketching. Yes, definitely sketching or living or tripping or whatever in a cooler temperature is the choice. Today we started the day very slow, and we went first in a great Rome Museum that I love a lot: Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna. Yes! It is also in one of the greatest park in Rome, Parco Borghese so what else? I ever loved this park since I was going in Rome while I had no hair on my chest…

Going in this museum, visiting it with calm and relaxing, having all the necessary to take a sketch or two or thousand with the air conditioning and not so much people is again very inspiring. And that was! We first visited all the masterpieces in it from Klimt to Gauguin, from Canova to Rodin, from Duchamp to De Chirico, and having also a blast with my friend Andy Warhol in good company with Pollock, Basquiat and Keith Haring. Yeah, great. A good source of mental battery charge and inspiration. Sorry Andy but when I stopped in the middle of  your exhibition I did this sketching… Irony also please forgive me!

I did this sketching very quickly on my pocket sketch pad with my micro kit.Sketching Andy Warhol

The show must go on and after visiting all the museum in every piece and every space included the Cafeteria to have a break we turned back on some masterpieces.

And so started my biggest effort of the day, on a wonderful sculpture of white polished white marble that was showing all its power in my eyes. Gaetano Cellini is great. I took this sketching exercise slowly with no rush while my love was seated on my back admiring other masterpieces. I was sketching on the Moleskine Sketchbook. This time I was sketching  with the watercolor pocket sketching kit of Winsor&Newton.

I continued with other sketching on other masterpieces Iater and did other doodles in the park while relaxing a lot and enjoying one of the best moments in my life, as also we finished our evening in a nice restaurant today but this is another story.


Rome is fantastic for sketching day and night

Rome is fantastic for sketching day and night

Rome is fantastic for sketching during all day, in every season, everywhere probably is more than every sketcher in the world needs for every kind of drawing.

I’m Rome first to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my love and I try to sketch as soon as possible, and today was very hard to because the high temperature so choking. So this morning we went to the Vatican and the Basilica of S.Pietro first of all. After a very long cue we entered.

It was not our first time. And I studied with a lot of passion this Basilica in another life. And so my wish to make some sketching disappeared in a bronze sparkle. It was not the people crowding the Church not the heat inside or the vision of hundreds of statues. My brain says no sketching because every stone, every detail, every painting, every single detail was astonishing me. I felt my mind full of sounds. Sorry no sketching here for this time, only jaw dropping admiration. And thousands of thoughts and remembering.

Under the colonnade of Bernini we took some relax and I sketched without any hesitation one or two Swiss guards. The beautiful suites designed by Michelangelo are always astonishing like a trip over the time. The lines quickly made with my cheapo pigmented liner and colors from my micro kit loaded with watercolors. Quick.

Sketching Swiss guard in Vatican

Now the ice is breaker and I can continue. But the heat here today is beating hard and we reached all our goals very slowly. I was sketching today here and there after that but probably nothing shining.
In the afternoon we went also to a modern art museum that we love a lot, the MACRO. Even there sketching and doodling are part of the exhibits. Fantastic.

During the dinner i realized that only tough people can make sketching during the night, Roma says yes do it to me in every corner. And I’m not talking about people that one can sketch everywhere but I mean something one can sketch normally during the day light. Night is a different challenge, you lose sometimes the details and you have to go first for the volumes and masses.
So I took out my cheap pigmented liner and did this sketch on my small SeaWhite Sketch pad seated in Piazza Navona.
Sketching in piazza Navona

Probably I will color it later, still undecided.

Good night and sorry for the strange writing of this night from my hotel.

ps: not that easy to make some blogging with the iPad… 🙂

Starting sketching in Rome

Start sketching in Rome

Starting sketching in Rome is not easy as anyone can imagine and is also a lot intimidating.Do You know why? Because Rome is like an open museum and wherever you go, whatever you want to sketch is there, and there is a lot. Probably too much.
Do you like to sketch people? Rome is full of people but not crowds as a sardine can. Do you love to pass all your time sketching churches? Rome is a church with some more other things. Do you like to have infinite sketching sessions or bigger sketch crawls loving all single bricks, stones, sculptures, cars, facades, avenues, two thousand years old ruins or modern buildings? Rome has all of this and more.

So that the reason because I was worried and a bit dazed and confused (cit.) while even pulling out the pen from my grab bag or from my pocket!
Also I’m conscious that I’m in Rome not for sketching 24/h but to have some nice time with my lovely wife. Luckily she likes also to write and to draw but I cannot stop every ten meters to sketch a gargoyle or an old column… I will… But I have also a conscience! 😉

Going all day around is tiring, without no doubts. And in Rome with 36C Celsius is even worst. Luckily in Rome there are plenty of fountains (beautiful fountains ehehehe). So I really started sketch ing while relaxing in Piazza Venezia, near the Vittoriano. And I started sketching the King Vittorio Emanuele riding a horse. Quickly on my SeaWhite Sketchbook.
Sketching Vittorio Emanuele riding a horse

Then while we were trying to chill more under the shadow of some trees I went for sketching bronze statues on the Vittoriano. They are on top of very thin columned they are meaning Justice, Freedom and Victory. I think.
Sketching statues of Vittoriano

Probably a life is not enough to sketch all the art masterpieces that Rome has, but I tried sketching the two churches in Piazza Venezia. It was almost sunset (time pass quickly when sketching) over the Moleskine Sketching pad (uhmmm I will talk about it in another post) gifted today from my love.
I enjoyed a lot to sketch these two church but I had no time to complete all the coloring. probably one day later or not, I don’t care, now they are good like that. Patience is over!:)
Sketching the two church in Piazza Venezia

Obviously I did some more sketching but blogging during night is hard.

As always I used my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink, and Winsor&Newton Watercolors. And thanks to SeaWhite of Brighton in making these good tiny sketch pads and a ciao to Moleskine Sketch books that this time hmm…


Sketching while waiting

Sketching while waiting

Sketching while waiting what or who? Sketching while waiting is always something good in my humble opinion for several reasons. At least two.

First of all you kill the time in a very fashionable way. You just not kill the time while texting messages on the phone with your lover or watch bad tv shows in the waiting rooms. You are killing the time sketching and it’s a stylish way, makes feel you better that all the other waiter so the time will fly in  flick of a switch. 🙂
Second sketching while waiting means that you are exercising even in the most impossible and under a certain amount of stress caused by the waiting. So it means that also that probably you can have fun while other people is going boring, or worst, reading ugly gossip and torn pages, or smoking a cigarette or sweating under the bus stop. And sketching can be done with minimal equipment, even a toothpick burned with fire over a cash receipt.

This is a quick example, I was sketching to kill the time while we was awaiting the Express Courier for an important delivery (a new Moleskine Journal 🙂 ). I was awaiting at the side of the street so to kill some time I switched on sketching mode and I used an almost exhausted (sigh!) Sigma Pen to make these. I think pictures this time will speak more than thousand words.
Sketching while awaiting the car 02

A closer look of this ugly doodle called sketching poorly under the hot sun…
Sketching while awaiting the car 03

By the way today we are in the first day of our vacation so better to make some homework, some services all around so to free us from all the incumbency. And tomorrow we will leave for Rome. 🙂 Oh yeah.

So today was also a day of waiting, so I am sketching these bad+ugly sketching in shopping mall. Time killer again in action. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen and a small Hanemuhle travel journal.
sketching shoes on the shoe shop

But this afternoon we had the real time to chill and to relax in the park and we seated in a nice and comfortable wooden seat. I started sketching horrible things. And so I waited fr something better. Woah. A big black guy caught my attention. He was with  other people, but he never talked, he was never involved by that white people and he was without any doubt a lonely person within other ones. And all my happy thoughts were disappeared thinking about these migrants coming here from bad sides of the world having a lot of hard times. Just asking for a smile. I work for an international organization, and I know. Ok we are talking about sketching not about social. 😉
sketching black lonely person

Here it’s evening and I’ve luggage that awaits me, ready to go in Caput Mundi. I will try to make some good sketching and posting since from there.


Sketching Amelie the cat and something at home

Sketching Amelie the cat and something more at home

Sketching Amelie my cat at home is something very challenging. First of all is challenging because she is a cat, a furry family member. So it means that you are envy for her agility, for her white pure fur, for her sense of hearing, for her sense of sight even during the night, for her elegance and obviously for her pure evidence of intelligence. Ok, we love our cat.

But this time I catched the chance to make some sketching of the cat while sleeping at the sun. Our cat really loves to stare at the sun, sleeping like stone near the window, soaked of sun and superiority. And this time sketching was so interesting because like a pupil in front of the teacher I seated in front of her, trying to capturing the essence of her rest. Drawing her was like going into deep, I saw her for the first time in all these years she’s with us that she dreams! I don’t know what and how she can dreams but she dreams, moving, having small tremors, rolling the eyes. Ok it just need a hint of dust to awake her but seeing her during all sketching is, I don’t know how to say, but it’s like understanding more. Sweet feline dreams oh my cat!

Sketching Amelie the cat while sleeping
So drawing this magnific feline animal was after lunch but on saturday I was also sketching almost during lunch, with a lot of joy of my wife. 🙂 I was interested in our pasta cooking pan. Something that belongs you everyday. For this sketching I used to soak my small journal with vermillion red drawing ink of Winsor&Newton. Is something like india ink but colored. Very saturated, intense, and make ease to draw on with the fountain pens. And a bit of china marker on it. It wa also a nice exercise because I sketched almost without not seeing the paper. A right brain exercise. Here I also used some Stabilo Woody Pencils that are a kind of thick and waxy crayons that are worth to try.
sketchingblack pan

Following this mood I went also to sketch my great bottle of Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink. That is one of my favorite of course. This time I used the Lamy Safari fountain pen plus some strokes of Pentel Fude Pen that is pigmented and even more black than the Noodler’s Ink.

sketching black ink


But I was sketching some more during the day even on my daily love journal. We are celebrating every day but even more every week about the joy of our small project growing. And that inspire me a lot, every day. So here another sample from my journal, that I sketched during the night while my love was relaxing.
sketching journal page of the day before my anniversary

Se here she was still awake, but sometimes during the pregnancy the woman needs more sleeping. And can sleep even stand still. Or at least that’s what’s happening here at our house… 🙂 So, she left the awake place and I switched to another small journal. I sketched with Noodler’s Navy Blue smearing with the water brush and just adding some crimson watercolor washes.
sketching my love relaxing

For these sketching and ugly drawings I used almost my full arsenal of art supplies.
The constants are my faithful Lamys fountain pens, Platinum Carbon Ink and Winsor & Newton watercolors over Hahnemuhle and SeaWhite of Brighton journals and sketch pads.

Hope you like it!