Sketching at lunch break electric panel and bollards

Sketching at lunch break electric panel and bollards past to me…

I was (obviously) sketching at lunch break this electric panel and the two bollards.
Strange objects and subjects to sketch, even my colleagues near to me were telling me so. But since I feel comfortable to go sketching for everything they were interesting and okay to me. Moreover I felt okay sketching what I had just in front of me. You know, is this some laziness in choosing the right scene? Who knows? Why not…

This time I wanted to split my subject of this sketch in two, trying to have a different composition on the page of the sketch pad. Today is a very hot, and warm day. Usually me and some colleagues go to this pavilion near the work because there always the wind blowing and the sea is very close.

This sketching was started at yesterday during the lunch break, when I sketched all the lines, the outlines and some minor writing here and there. Today so i finished the drawings with some minor touches with the fountain pen and I went to coloring all the scene.

Sketching at lunch break electric panel and bollards 01

Here a closer look of the sketching exercise of today. Now, I don’t go out from my office to sketch everyday. But as soon as I can, it means very often. 🙂
And with this sketching I finished the pages of this sketch pad. Yeah!
Sketching at lunch break electric panel and bollards 02

I wrote the caption with my Rotring Art Pen with the calligraphy nib filled with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black, but I sketched all the lines and outlines with my work horse Lamy Safari fountain pen that has always Platinum Carbon Ink in its stomach.
Also my Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolors are shining today in this sketching, and I forgot to mention my endless sympathy Pentel Aquash Water Brushes.

Hope you will like i, any comment is more than welcome!

My introduction of EDM Group on Danny Gregory Blog

My introduction of EDM Groups on Danny Gregory’s Blog!

I wrote, as good behavior by every new member, an introduction of my self on EDM Yahoo! Group. It’s a great sketching and drawing group, but more arts are welcome.  I wrote the real story on how I came to sketching, it’s quite long, so I will not write here. And suddenly happened that Danny Gregory wrote to me, asking if he can publish on its blog my introduction…Oh my goodness! Yes! Of course! I feel so honored of that!

You know is something that happens so rarely and it’s like one of  your myth,  that you  that suddenly become real. Jeez! No words to describe what I’m feeling now, just thinking only that what I’ve read between the lines of books written by Danny are becoming something real!

Danny Gregory's Blog

I was really amazed, my wife is still excited and happy, and probably only now I’m realizing that one of the most important writer and sketcher in the world has published such introduction. Oh my goodness!

I hope also Danny will like my ugly sketching… 🙂

Please feel free to read  my introduction on Danny Gregory’s Blog!.
And bookmark that blog and the Danny Gregory’s site because is full of inspiration.
Oh my goodness, I’m happy! And so my wife!




Sketching near the sea we stopped by Torre Santa Sabina

Sketching near the sea finding a good place, finally we stopped by in S.Sabina

Looking for sketching something interesting so me and my wife went out after works. OK, probably it’s just an excuse to stay together after work out and to have some fresh air. So we started from our house and we went by car following all the sea littoral. We found many places where to sit and draw, but i left to my wife to decide where, following here inspiration.
To me this trip has started well, me and my wife going out for sketching, in the car, sea littoral, nice chat, colors, breeze, happiness.

Yesterday was like going random, awaiting to be lost somewhere. Even if we are no more than thirty kilometers from home. It’s a way that I like a lot and probably this way to go could bore most of the people. Not me. Not her. It’s like having together the pleasure to be tourists in our places.

We touched and found many places to be suitable for sketching. We went through rock, near some good beach scenes, near some crowded places where the wind was blowing strong and in some places where the wind was not blowing at all. Miscellaneous scenarios that probably we are recording for future reference. Finally we chose to go in S.Sabina, a small and quiet sea city that during the summer becomes crowd and populated in summer, as (almost) every sea city in the world.
Okay, we have seats down the promenade, we are easy, ready to grab out our sketching equipment.

So in this city there is a small port, and there is also small tower (“Torre” in italian) the gives the name of the city Torre S.Sabina. The tower was built  of local ochre stone. It’s small not the big but the light in the late afternoon or before the sunset it raise delighful orange and earthy tones.
Sketching the tower of santasabina

So we went there and we seated in front of the tiny port, and while there was this first sketching drying I started and finished this other one. I sketched very quickly because the light was changing a lot and the sunset was approaching. Actually this tiny port and few small boats are at the right of the tower I sketched before.
Sketching the port of santa sabina

For this sketches I used as usually, my Lamy Safari fountain pens with  Platinum Carbon Ink, then for the washes I colored with Winsor & Newton watercolors over a Winsor & Newton and SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pads.

Hope you will like them.

Sketching of a green trash bin during my lunch break

Sketching of a green trash bin

Even sketching of a green trash bin is something interesting. I did it today during my lunch break, more, I was doing yesterday some outlines, today I finished to set also some color washes. Its open mouth is always full (and actually is always full of the same things… no one seems actually taking care to dump the content)so it was easy to continue the sketching…

The dustbin is close the pavilion where me and my colleagues go after eating something for lunch.The pavilion is a quiet place, surrounded by the sea of the entrance of the port of my city. The wind always blows there, it’s not always fresh, but it’s great place to have some chill or at least to distract the eyes from our pc monitors.

This green trash bins is there, lonely, it call me everyday to speak with him. And today I finished with him the conversation.
I like sketching common objects that are surrounding us. Why not. They are part of our life, and in any way needs to be glorified. I’m closing my rational eye and I’m opening the creative one that sees that everything is worth to be mentioned and sketched.

Probably this bin has nothing special probably is magic bin. By the way i will remember if this bin is still full of that things or if it’s eating some more (i don’t think so…).

Sketching of a green bin during the lunch break 01

A close up of this green bin so I can check for future reference the top content… eheheh.

Sketching of a green bin during the lunch break crop

I was sketching with my workhorse Lamy Safari fountain pen filled by the always delightful Platinum Carbon Ink. And after I washed with my Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolors. I’m pleased to say that I’m near the end of my customized Winsor & Newton sketch pad.
My creative path is now trying to avoid any pencil line, this is another attempt to do this exercise.

Hope you like it.