A warm good bye to all my friends

Due to my (fantastic) job, I will be re-deployed again for a couple of months. It will be a tough but great experience I hope, since I’m going in one of the poorest country of the world but surrounded with one of the most marvelous seas and environment that humanity has ever seen.

To me, there will be hard tasks to carry out, and I will try to make my best and more as usual, and I will hope to have even time to relax and some sketching.

This time I’m leaving with my heart a little bit heavy because I should come back home just few days before the baby due since my wife is at the full 7th month of pregnancy.

She will be with me, her voice will be my guide again.

I’m taking with me a lot of art supplies, my medicine for stress and my reconciliation with my life. And for sure I will try to sketch a lot, and post from time to time on my blog. I hope that some of you will support me even with a hello or a simple smile on my blog or in email.

Have a nice day all!

Miscellaneous sketching on my recycled sketchpad

 Miscellaneous sketching on my recycled sketchpad

This time I’d like to share some miscellaneous sketching on my home-made recycled sketchpad. It’s nice to have all and better to make these sketch pads because

  1. Recycling is never enough, saving trees, water, environment and all elemental we touch;
  2. Everyone can make them with every kind of paper, from the most rewarded to the cheapo wrapping paper;
  3. They make an excellent excuse to make late;
  4. They are funny to make and to decorate inside and outside;
  5. They are so handful that can be stored inside almost any pocket;
  6. They allow you to sketch anywhere and anytime filling them with warm-up sketching, bad drawings, doodles or simply lines or circles;
  7. Everyone can even use them as note pads, so no need for buying other than once in a while
  8. They can save money (there is crisis!!) because you can build them from trims and scraps of your office or working environment or church or whatever is the source of trims and scraps;
  9. They are so lovely and useful that even you chief at work wants one;
  10. you are an artist whatever you do. Fundamental.

So with this really crappy presentation here some miscellaneous sketching made with different inks, fountain pens and colors. Consider that some of them are tiny. I don’t know still know how I can do it. 🙂

Here some from my kitchen, probably many people knows better than me what I have in my kitchen. I used the wonderful Diamine Grey Ink and Lamy Safari fountain pen with a EF nib. Without any color this ink expresses the best gray around I believe.

sketching miscellaneous 01

sketching miscellaneous 05

sketching miscellaneous 04

Here I made this sketching with Noodler’s Lexington Gray and Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolors. A terrific combination.

sketching miscellaneous 03

Finally some Derwent ColourSoft pastels over the lines that my fountain pen left here. THe fountain pen is my usual workhorse.

sketching miscellaneous 02



Sketching on wrapping paper cartoonish style

Sketching on wrapping paper cartoonish style

My sister is a colorist and so I was tempted to make some sketching on wrapping paper cartoonish style with bold white along the outlines. I like it a lot.

I like the wrapping paper or boxing paper, the cheaper one, that one you can find in any store. It’s warm, stinky and heavy enough to have fun with a lot of techniques. I even made, and I’m making, a lot of sketching pads with it. I even mix the paper types in the same pad so to have new challenges every different page.

So this is the first attempt made with Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen and making some strange characters. I love to sketch strange characters like these… I doodle a lot of them also in the office. I made the white lines with the Stabilo All white China Marker.
sketching on wrapping paper 01

I did also encouraged by no one, a sketching of my sister and a friend that came to have a coffee with us. I realize that I’m not so nice in portraits, but with this white line like my sister does and I saw around it’s some thing that I like a lot. This time I used my workhorse fountain pen Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and this time things went even better. Better contrast in this sketching and also the hand has a good warm up… 🙂

sketching on wrapping paper 02

Tell me what you think about it, what you know about it, everything you about this kind of technique and on my mad experiments!!


Sketching a pignata and my love during night

Sketching a pignata and my love during night

Yesterday I was sketching a “pignata” when suddenly I found that my love was sleeping. This is what happens when you try to sketch during night, above all.

So after dinner we were watching a movie, me on the kitchen peninsula and my love near me on the sofa. In the meantime the pignata was running.

Don’t you know what’s a pignata (to be pronounced like “piñata”)? Here in the wonderful Salento you can find many of these. Basically it’s a terracotta pan, with a glassy like surface.
Probably it’s the best pan for making a lot of cooking stuff because it’s not metallic and will not make any flavor alteration in the food. There are many sizes and in my family we use them a lot. The bigger pignata are used like a cooking treasures and I hope that I will have this heritage. currently have two, one middle size and this one smaller where to cook (perfectly) legumes.

So I decided to glorify this monument in our kitchen in the dear diary for my baby that is coming. Sketchine the real pignata salentina is a honour. 🙂
sketching pignata and more 01

So this is a closer view
sketching pignata and more 02

And so the time passes quickly and just behind the end of the sketching, when I was washing I saw my wife going to be sleep. Okay I said inside me, let’s go with her to see the last minutes of the movie.

Too late. She saw me ging closer to her and went definitively between Morpheus arms.
I decided to gift another sketching into my dear diary, I was inspired by her.
sketching pignata and more 03

I finished this sketch, and in five minutes I was with her at bed. Nothing better in these times.

I did all these sketching using as usual my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and washed with my faithful Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolors using Kuretake Zig BrusH2O Waterbrush medium size.

Sketching on the first of November searching for colors

Sketching on the first of November searching for colors

I was sketching and having a great promenade on the first of November, while the other people goes for Halloween. Ok this was about my Halloween. 🙂 For now I feel comfortable to do like that, let’s see in the future when I will have child(s).

The first November here was a great day, the sun was shining and the temperature very warm. Everyone was celebrating deads here yesterday night, we were delighted to celebrate life today. 🙂
Ok, it’s time to go out, to have a great promenade with my love (slowly slowly) and to breathe nice sea air, see flora and fauna, to move, to sketch, to have nice inspiration for the life. So we weared comfortable, and we went.

Going into a reserve near the sea is something unbelievable. We had a great time, a lot of chatting, sometimes with some fatigue, but was an incredible day. I’m so happy even to remember.

Obviously I was full of art equipment, pencils, watercolors, fountain pens, and all the bells and whistles. In the meantime I was breaking my back with all this sketching equipment, and more we having fun harvesting small woods and nice flat stones for some more art.

But I had an illumination. I was burning to make some sketching, but i realized to sketch not that much detailed. Just some details. I liked to show in my dear diary the way can be as seen all the show of the nature for the first time: a big bunch of colors, stunning colors.
I used only a large flat brush #14 and a bit of Gelly Roll White Pen for the sea drops, and a light mark with the Lumocolor 4B pencil for the outlines.
Big, quick strokes for a luminous sketch I believe. I can assure that I don’t know why but my faithful watercolors this time made a really made a great difference.

sketching on first november 01 low - Torre Guaceto Shores

I was like possessed when doing this sketching, it’s the first time this think happens.
So it happened a second time, some time later, when I was back home.

I was just seated at home in the art attack area and I was again astonished by the beauty of my panorama just in from of my balcony: few pine trees 🙂 full of birds going away, migrating don’t know where.

sketching on first november 02
Click here for a larger picture

Possibly I was even more possessed. And I used again that #14 brush used for the sketching of this morning. And the same technique. Bold colors, lively long strokes and nose near the colors.

Happy first November to everyone! I will remember it for a long time.