Sketching Cristo Rei in Timor Leste

Sketching Cristo Rei in Timor Leste

Being in Timor Leste, I felt obliged to go for sketching the Cristo Rei. Or most probably I felt to go to visit the Cristo Rei.
But before climbing all the promontory, I made some sketching from the beautiful sea side down, a gorgeous beach with a crystal clear sea water.

Sketching in Timor Leste Cristo Rei04

According to Wikipedia

Cristo Rei of Dili (Christ the King of Dili) is an 88.6-foot-high (27.0 m) statue of Jesus located a top of a globe in Dili, East Timor. The statue was designed by Mochamad Syailillah, who is better known as Bolil. The statue was officially unveiled by Suharto in 1996 as gift from the Indonesian government to the people of East Timor, which was at the time still a province. The statue is one of the main tourist attractions in East Timor.

The statue, and the globe on which it rests, are situated at the end of the Fatucama peninsula, facing out to the ocean and can be reached by climbing some 500 steps.

I climbed all the mountain, all the steps and was very difficult. Not because the steps, but because the heat. The beautiful steps and stops are covered by a large amount of trees, like a tunnel. But the humidity was hitting badly and also I choose probably the wrong time of the day… It was around 11.00 AM.
So after reaching the top I enjoyed a lot the statue, the panorama, the people there was looking to me as strange kind of tourist. I shoot also some good pictures, later sent to my sweet wife by email. I enjoyed a lot. No way.

After that I climbed down and I took place on a wood seat down the first open space, just down the statue and I started sketching. It’s like the arrival of Jesus Christ (all the steps are made with stops like the walk to the Cross of Jesus) and was also my rest.
Sketching in Timor Leste 05 Cristo rei
Click on the picture for a larger view.

So I took starting sketching with my Noodlers Ahab filled with Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown and I colored everything under the sun with water brushes and W&N watercolors. Some sweat droplets are there also to add some salinity…

I was inspired to go for this earthy tone and I liked a lot. But the Ahab is a gusher and I almost finished all my ink once completed even the second sketch below. And I didn’t took the all bottle with me so… they were my only sketching with this gorgeous ink.

Sketching in Timor Leste 06 Cristo Rei
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Not happy with my sweating I also sketched down the last stop, just under the statue of Cristo Rei.

It was a fantastic morning…

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap – update!

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap update

Just referring to the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap, a small update. Here it is: I found this black coated F nib for the Lamy, it’s something that you buy separately. And to me look great.

lamy safari fountain pen swap 02

So I was thinking that adding something not common, it’s a sort of customization of my pen swap. Also I think is more beautiful, and although I don’t like usually the total black look that not belongs to me, I think is a great idea.

lamy safari fountain pen swap 03

In this way the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen becomes very elegant. Also the nib was smoothed so I think also it’s a great writer. If you don’t want to draw you can have great journaling like I’m doing now.
The pen will be filled with Noodler’s Lexington Gray in the converter, but if you want I can fill the pen before shipping with Platinum Black Carbon or Noodler’s Black or Diamine Grey or Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown or Noodler’s Navy.

lamy safari fountain pen swap 01

So please keep writing you proposal in the mother post not here, just to keep ordered and good luck!!



Sketching from Rome to Singapore to Dili

Sketchingfrom Singapore to Dili 06

Sketching from Rome to Singapore to Dili

I’d like to show some sketching made while going from Rome to Singapore to Dili. I stopped over all these wonderful places and… suddenly popped out from my pocket one of my handmade micro sketchbooks. Yes I keep always one or two even near my passport pocket, believe me or not. At least I can use them as notebooks.

This time I sketched in two micro sketchbooks that are around 6cm x 6cm so around 2 inches of side. They are made with scrap paper from my office, also the cover are made from old folders: and I like to save in this sketchbooks all the prints, marks, labels and so what so to made more visible that are recycled.

Sketchingfrom Singapore to Dili 01

This sketching was done mainly in the time that I was not running between airports, and since I was leaving my wife alone for my new deployment, pregnant at the 8th month, 12000 km away so I awaited some good mood to sketch.

Here there is a sample image but please see later my gallery.

Sketchingfrom Singapore to Dili 10

So I was sketching in this tiny books, first of all because I’m shy despite my size, and to be discrete and quiet. Although sometimes is beautiful to have a pinch of vanity while you are sketching and people asks to you and says  “Oh you are so bravo. Cool!” or things like that, I like most of the time to be almost invisible.

Here the gallery of today, have fun and let me know what do you think about, sincerely!

All these sketches were made unbelievably, when I was in good mood first (you know with around 27 hours flight I had some chances…), with my faithful workhorse the Lamy Safari Fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink. And the colors are as always my ever shining Winsor& Newton Artists’ inside my handmade micro kit and the Kuretake BrusH2o waterbrushes.




Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

I’d like to make a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap. So I rarely do a swap with something that I’m really addicted like my Lamy Safari fountain pen… But also I know that swapping with something that you really love, although is difficult from an affection side, is more rewarding for the other side of the heart. Swapping something that you really love has more value than swapping that you feel unuseful and unused: I love recycling but this is to be considered friendship swap. I also love to receive packets, deliveries and parcels… 🙂

The swap works like that: I’d like to send to someone in the world this pen, complete with converter and filled.

I’d like to see comments on this swap below my post, from many friends about what do you like to swap with this pen or something like that.
Could be everything.
I mean everything, better is if it’s something art or craft related: obviously I prefer a colored pencil to a Teddy Bear or something like a used ink bottle rather your persian carpet!
It should be only something that catches my attention.
I will choose between all comments posted down this post so…
Be creative!
Tell me what you will swap with my pen, cross the finger and keep a happy sketching.
You also the lucky winner, if you can, send your swap free of charge.

Lamy Black 01

So this is the pen in the picture (notebook cover not included… but soon…): one of my lovely Lamy Safari fountain pens, the plain black one. The pen is always used by me but with love and care. Sports a F nib and it’s included the converter. The converter is filled with Noodler’s Lexington Grey.

Time will be over Sunday 31st of March. Then I will choose the lucky friend from all comments received, I will make a post here on the blog and I will send this pen to the lucky friend all over the world, free of charge of course. And I hope to make another post upon arrival of my parcel!

So please comment under this post what you want to swap with me and good luck!

Leather Sketchbook and notebook covers

Leather Sketch book cover

Yesterday in my craziness I made some Leather Sketchbook covers, inspired by a famous Japanese product ( I love japanese stuff) as Midori Travel Notebook.
I really love that Midori, how it’s made, the leather, and the way it works: simple and effective. Plus I love to have something that get better with age (like a good wine) and gets fashion and scuff of time (like me).
But the price of a Midori is quite high, and even it still has a lot of fashion I decided to be inspired and to do myself something similar.
In another life I had some experience in leather working, so until now I have some good quality tooling leather and a lot of other stuff to make (almost) everything with leather.

I felt suddenly the need to spend a couple of hours with my leather equipment, and I think for the same price of an original Midori I made at least two or three just for fun.

So I decided to smell again the fabulous aroma of the leather to cover my home made recycled notebooks and sketchbook. What a chance to recycle again, to get some fashion and to protect some more without adding not that much in weight?

This is at the end of the session last night.

notebook lsketchbook leather cover

This session was very rewarding because I made six leather covers, three in about A5 size and three in A6 about size, so to accommodate most common sizes of notebooks and sketchbooks. I’m in the mood to make some more and to make also cover for the Moleskine Watercolor Notebook or for the Moleskine Reporter Notebook style, something you can open like that.

I made one of each type in these colors: Canyon tan, a kind of brown orange that stains the leather but leaves the grain of the leather beautifully. One in mahogany and one in coal-black. Than I finished the leather with Resolene. Oh my goodness the smell of leather again.These are te pictures taken this morning. A wonderful surprise, they look even better.
notebook sketchbook leather cover 02
But I’m also in the mood to make more covers as well and something a bit more complicated. But not that much probably only using a brass button or something like that. Undecided.
I didn’t give a super finished product, not a high-end lustre or super finished. I left something slightly rustic: I want the time to make the job and time works better on these covers better if left like that.
Time scuff, time softens, time gives beauty. I want time.

leather cover 02

In the meantime I made wonderful houses for my recycled sketchbooks, notebooks and so forth. I can even accommodate one Moleskine pocket or Large or Rhodia Notebook with ease. And my fountain pens are more than happy.
And I can make more. And I have some more ideas coming…
I’m too more than happy to touch the skin of the leather…

What do you think about?