Sketching in Timor Leste another bus

Sketching in Timor Leste another bus

Sketching in Timor Leste another bus as the earlier post. No, I’m not obsessed about bus or the people taking them, but this show is always meaningful for me, because all these bus are full of life. I just imagine the people inside that has no other clue for moving, or not other vehicles that can afford and they take a bus. It’s life, it’s real crude life, because sometimes they are really filled like a sardine can, often without any air conditioning, and in the tropics probably the people like me can only imagine.

That’s life, in a pure form and it’s also understanding and respect for all people who I meet during my missions. Everyday people doesn’t mean to me simple life, means only life.
And sketching the life it’s always a matter of respect and empathy.

This time this bus was leaving from the parking of Timor Plaza, the biggest (read the only…) shopping centre in town, like we use to know. I was leaving after lunch, and I stopped in my car. I made almost all lines in my car, I made some colors of the sky,  I was at respectful distance and I finished coloring in my room.

Sketching a bus in Timor Leste
Here the link to high-resolution picture

Since in my mission I usually walk, work and live with my back pack, I have always my sketchbook and watercolors with me. This time I took also some pictures for the late coloring and refining.

This time I was sketching with of my new friends, the Noodler’s Ahab filled with Noodler’s Black. For the Noodler’s Ahab I have to open a personal discussion later, in my blog. I  have very contrasting feelings… Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. That’s really something to discuss in another post.