Sketching a fisherman’s boat and a young guy in Timor Leste

Sketching a fisherman’s boat and a young guy in Timor Leste

For this sketching, using a fisherman boat in Timor Leste I got a quite nice tan. I was going around to take inspiration for a nice sketch, I was going around and around, up and down Dili. Everything there, is really worth to be sketched, the great people, the great panoramas, the markets, the sea, the land near the sea, the forests… everything. For people like me that are living near the sea, born into the sea, and swimming since I was three years old, it’s also very important to sketch a boat.
Any kind, from ferry to a simple nutshell.
A boat is always a good show. I was obviously sketching some boats and this time I’d like to share one of the several fishermen boats around. They are all around the littoral, this time I choose one near a place full of people. I can talk hours for my love of fisherman boats, starting from the smell to the universal blue color that in some place cover them… but that’s another story.

sketching fishermen boat in Timor Leste

I was on a concrete seat near the sea and I felt this seat very comfortable compared the heat of the day. But I was wrong, no one should challenge the sun, even the Greeks in the old times knew that, so I finished almost all the drawing, and I just added some more shadows later in my room.

I moved in a shadowy place, the heat was hitting me badly, I started seeing some visions of me. I moved at the side where there are covers made like big blue waves, where my waterbrushes cannot have the water inside evaporating.
I started sketching some ugly things, just for cooling my hand shaking and just few meters in front of the there was this guy reading on a laptop on his knees.

sketchinga guy with his laptop in Timor Leste
Drinking a soft drink (oh my goodness and I was so thirsty) and not noticing any one except his screen: chatting, making money or reading Wikipedia? Who knows… So also this guy was cool, wearing sporty cool jacket… man he was so courageous! Over 35 degrees Celsius!

By the way my fellows where my family in the heart, but as always I have to thanks the german technology of my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, the japanese tech of Platinum Carbon Ink that was drying almost instantly and of the reliable Kuretake Waterbrushes, but also the guys at Winsor&Newton for giving me my shining watercolors.


Sketching and writing any time, any where. Even at home.

Sketching and writing any time, any where. Even at home.

Sketching and writing any time, any where. Even at home. I think the title is self-explanatory. I really don’t know if sometimes sketching is something different from writing or writing is just wording some crazy lines but I like often to integrate them.
It is really important to me to make everything is worth to be sketched and to write as soon I have the ideas, the spark, the flint. I so empty my mind for the next task…

Even if it’s something unuseful. I can say that I live in an eternal state of brain storming, so sketching first, second the writing and reading a lot, are my cures. THen there are my other hobby that I’m something like obsessed. To think, to sketch, to realize something for fun or as a cure is very important to me. Now I have also my son with me everything is going to be even more exciting… I can’t wait to see him with crayons in its tiny puffy hands! 🙂

So far so good I’d like to share how I am putting on paper, sketching, scribbling and writing some of leather ideas, ideas, or just to color the paper with lines. I’d like to have with me always more than one notebook and I found my heaven for all my ideas in making my own leather notebook and sketchbook covers and filling them with several (actually only four…) recycled hand-made notebooks.
I need to go on three small notebooks maximum but actually I’m making some sketching about how to make some furniture in the baby room by hacking some Ikea shelves… and some more.
No matter if they I made them from recycled paper, wrapping paper, watercolor paper or photocopy paper, whatever paper or are from different sizes. I made them I’m sketching and writing on them. Sometimes I deserve the same treatment on that not cheap Moleskine Cahiers. I mix everything under one cover.

sketching and writing 02
sketching and writing 05

And obviously I use any kind of pen regardless of the paper… So far so good. Here some ideas taken from artistic needs, so any leather pencil-case, pen cases. I will realize them? How to find this time? My goodness…

sketching and writing 04

Even making some project for the outside of my balcony, shelves for storage that in these days is never enough.sketching and writing 06

But also I,m sketching and writing on my everyday agenda, where I make all the “to do”.
It’s the classic Moleskine plain paper, but next time I will go on Rhodia side because more fountain pen friendly, and here again I mix my leather ideas here with all the duties of a new dad. It’s like a brainstorming on paper and I hope some of these projects will take life.

sketching and writing 01 sketching and writing 03

I know I’m crazy… Even my wife told me that.
I simply just can’t stop doing. Doing something.


Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom

Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom

Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom and I’m very happy for this swap.

I received a kuksa, a nice brown sketchbook and a pocket of Conte Crayons. Wow… that’s too much looking later. I’m falling in love with all these things but the kuksa hitted me badly.
This kuksa looks gorgeous in picture but it’s even more wonderful in the hands. Since I love to have everything is craft and hand-made I’m quite happy to receive even something from the North of Europe.

kuksa pen swap

Thanks again Tom! Also looking forward to see more of your nice sketches here

I’m so excited for this fountain pen swap that I want to do more swaps in the future, and as promised this month I will make one swap and one give away.
So far so good, if someone is interested well, I  have a lot of ideas!


My Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Cover on Etsy

My Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Cover on Etsy

Since some days I have Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Covers on Etsy. They are like the ones we use at home, like these ones, and so I also decided to move my hand further and to make some for who likes these kind of covers.
These covers are like a most famous brand, probably better. Entirely hand made, hand cutted, hand dyed, hand finished from 6/7oz (!) thick vegetable tanned leather. I built them to last and to be used and abused.

These leather travel notebook sketchbook covers are in size to fit Moleskine Notebooks, Moleskine sketchbooks, Moleskine Watercolor, Moleskine Weekly Diary, Moleskine Cahiers, Rhodia Webbies and so forth similar items (I can make for almost any size…).
But I prefer to fill them with my handmade handbound recycled notebooks or sketchbooks. It’s just more fun, relaxing and I can recycle.

Some are here in my cardbox at ready.Leather-Travel-Notebook-sketchbook-cover

If you want to take a look please pass by my Etsy Shop, where you can find from now also some gorgeous, I say gorgeous because they are the same ones I use and I loved to make, leather key holders.

I’m also making some more vegetal tanned leather thingies, I decide from now to make something that I will need for art purposes and not only and to make them in vegetal tanned leather and in chrome tanned leather.

Please pass by myEtsy Shop and any feedback of yours is a lot appreciated.


PS: I’m shipping worldwide for free and the prices are promotionally ridiculous! Plus I’m including one of my recycled notebook… what else? 🙂

Sketching my baby boy

Sketching my baby boy

I was wondering that sketching my baby boy was easier because is small and not moving. I was wrong.

Just to remember how happy I was to see my baby, while I was redeployed. I was counting the days passing by, and making a party in my heart each single week was passing. This sketch was just a small examples of my dear diary dedicated to my baby.

sketching my baby on my dear journal
sketching and partying my baby on my dear journal


Since I cannot go for sketching outside like some time ago, because there is a lot of small and big things to do at home and because I like to help my wife as more as I can, I try to sketch my new model. And it’s not easy no no.
I feel like going for sketching outside but inside my house because time is running, because the baby is feeding or because many other reasons that many of you friends know better than me.
But still holding tight for sketching, these are times to sketch with watercolors and waterbrushes on the rush, as i wrote before, urban sketching at home practically.

sketching my baby

This sketching was held while breast-feeding, one of the most intimate moments for a family. So that’s the way I decided to put these moments on my new journal.

And this one I sketched some days ago

sketching my baby boy
Oh yes I love this image…

Of course, this cannot be the best sketching around since the baby boy seems bald and older but you know, makes me always a kind of heart attack when I see this baby feeding.
And let’s say that’s also easier to catch a good image of the boy, avoiding to sketch him always while sleeping! 🙂

So this will be my next training: sketching my baby while moving and playing and eating… Uhmm… should I ise more my camera? 🙂

I made all these sketching on my new journal, scratching my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink over my great favorite Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook using my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists’ watercolor washed with Kuretake Zig Waterbrushes. Thanks a lot to Kuretake…one of my best weapons so far.