Here it is the winner of the Lamy Safari Pen Swap!

Here it is the winner of the Lamy Safari Pen Swap!
Good luck to the guy who wins my first swap of the Lamy Safari total Black…Yeee!

lamy pen swap 02
And I say first swap because I’m so happy to do this swap and I’m so excited in receiving parcels from all around the world that I decided to do one swap at month!

And I even know what to swap the next month, another veeeeeeeeery interesting thing of my own, and hand made.

We was (yes I asked to my wife also who can be the winner) very struggled on this decision. I love all you of you friends, really, and if I was rich I’d like to send all of you, each one, one of my pen.
So we decided first of all the winner of this family contest, second to make a monthly swap, third to make also one give away every two swaps! It means that every month I’d like to swap something I own with some of all of you my friends, and every two swaps I’d like to make a giveaway. Could be a pen, a special pencil, a set of crayons… until now I dont know. But from the next month there will be here a swap and a giveway!The giveaway will be my present to some of you accepting this, at only one condition: just send me back a letter, a postcard sized sketching, a simple postcard, something like that. To me sounds good and exciting!

Sorry if I diverted from the main argument, so please the winner is…

Tom Serratti is you!

As written before we was very struggled in this decision, what we appreciated was the original idea. although I love all people wrote here and all thing were so yummy… so could be the next time for the other people.

So please write me, so also the ink you wish you receive so I can fill the pen with, and obviously your details.


Sketching concrete turtles in Timor Leste

Sketching concrete turtles in Timor Leste

I was sketching these concrete turtles before going up to Cristo Rei. They are beautiful and they catched my attention instantly as soon I saw them. They are on top of some of the kind of entrance gate on the beach sides of the north Dili, going from the city to the Cristo Rei place.
There are many gates or kid of entrances to the beach sides obviously, and every one has some animals on the top: frogs, dogs, fishes even a nativity and so forth. All are beautiful with their kind of style a mix from asian and occidental style. Although they are made in concrete they are worth sketching anytime under any light.

sketching turtles in Timor LEste

They are probably made in hard concrete and they are still sporting some decoration from the past holidays but still are beautiful to me. They are also part of the panorama I think, and can beĀ  a great exercise if any people like to sketch.

Please note on the background happy people going to the beach having fun in swimming and playing near the sea. And do please note the color of the sea: it was really close to that color, a crystal clear green hue of sea. Fantastic.

sketching concrete turtles in Cristo Rei

With all these sketching I started sketching very slowly on site. Then I gave all the washes for the background and main colors for the subjects. It was going very hot due my bad habits to move for sketching near noon, and I finished later in my room for some details.

I used my Lamy Safari with Platinum Carbon Ink over my Seawhite of Brighton Journal. And the colors are my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists that were shining under plenty of light. And I used also the waterbrushes, especially the broader of the Kuretake series, that I was refilling with a small plastic bottle often during these sketches.

Hope you like them!Cheers!