White small caterpillar sketch during the lunch break

White small caterpillar sketch during the lunch break

It was since some time that I was not going out for a sketch during the lunch break and I was interested by this small white caterpillar just in front of me.


Well I said that was a quick sketch but it wasn’t a quick sketching exercise at all. I’m out of shape and it was some time that I was not splashing colors and lines with my micro sketching kit.
Yes it took some time, around 45 minutes, far over my average time for this sketch but I had some issues.
First of all was windy, so all the pages of my Moleskine sized sketchbook were moving and I used my phone and some other things to stop flapping.

Second and probably the worst: my flex fountain pen Noodler’s Konrad is again leaking from the cap. It stained my bag, the cover of my sketchbook, and my hands. I spent a good 15 minutes to clean it again. Luckily I spotted early before giving me more troubles. But this is the second time (the first time I spent an evening to clean all my bag) and this time I give up. And within several trips that I make with this pen and the Noodlers Ahab, I can say that I strongly not suggesting this kind of pens except from office/home/desktop use. I will never carry them again with me in my daily or the grab bag. I stick with Lamy for fountain pens or for Drawing Pen like Pigma Micron or whatever brand. I will lose probably the line variations but, mates, I will gain in more comfort in drawing! Probably I will pick two drawing pens of different size or just a single, reliable, great, best-for-the-buck Lamy safari with EF nib.

That was the result of taoday sketch indeed:sketching-during-the-lunch-break

I finished with a blob on the date… Damn Pen!

A quick test of blogging with my phone

A quick test of blogging with my phone

This is a quick test of blogging with my iPhone. Although I am more comfortable to post only with the computer under my hands, I just needed to try this chance.

WordPress is still a very powerful platform and I love it since the first days. I made all blogs with WordPress.

By the way I choose to start exploring the chance to publish my sketching even on the phone, because sometimes you need to day something more than the 140 words on Twitter, or because an image on Instagram is too fancy.
iPad sucks on pictures while it’s more comfortable for writing than iPhone. But the phone shoots good pictures so, like journaling at the fly this is my first picture that I like to share thru my iPhone:


Yeah it’s a sketch made during the night. I was urging to make something on paper and I took one of my recycled notebooks (you can even notice that I like also to mix the kind of papers… Soooo funny!) and I scratched with my Noodlers Ahab filled with Noodlers Black.
I started to sketch what I had immediately on my view, so some kitchen appliances and so forth. I did it while almost dark, the Chief (my baby boy) was sleeping and while I don’t remember exactly why I was awake I did this sketch.

Urgency of sketching satisfied. The results, well, it’s there!

People selling many things in Timor Leste

People selling many things in Timor Leste

There is people like in every poor country that can sell anything: in Timor Leste what grabbed my attention was the people like this sketches I’m gonna show down this post.

And on top of that what I was really impressed that in Timor you see a lot of people that sells fish with capital F. I mean big fishes, as tall as a teenager sometimes, and a lot of fishes, and of different kinds. I also seen how they do it and sometimes it’s a miracle dictated only by the need and coming from the will of survive.

sketches of people selling everything in Timor Leste 01.jpg

But since the fish is not that cheap, even from these people, and can spoil very easily, I heard from a local guy that all this fish is trashed at the end of the day. And that’s a big waste: first of people are fishing big fishes in large quantities that very few people can afford. Moreover if people not buy this fish…well everything goes in the garbage (just knowing that even there people rush to get some…) and cannot back into the sea again.

Obviously people are trying to survive and they sell also fruits. Fruits here are delicious, very flavored and smelling good.In the market of Dili fresh frutis and vegetables are exquisite. The only pity is that sometimes these fruits are sold also in transparent palstic bags, so at noon you can see them like sweating inside, cooking the fruits. It’s like an accelerated ripening or a slow steam cooking?

sketches of people selling everything in Timor Leste 02

Or sometimes I found some people selling smashed cardboxes, or just oging around to finid something to sell like this one.
These previoous two pictures are some sketching made with my workhorse-neverfail-winning combination Lamy Safari plus Platinum Carbon Ink.

sketches of people selling everything in Timor Leste 03

Art technically speaking I used this time the hated/loved Noodler’s Ahab plus Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown. And I even used it to wash from the lines, plus Burnt Sienna to make some backgrounds.


Going around in Timor Leste at the end of december

Going around in Timor Leste at the end of December

I was going around in Timor Leste at the end of December, trying to find some inspiration for sketching. The days at work were passing by, I was so busy, and the weather I remember well, was heavy. For heavy I mean milk gray sky, with high humidity and high temperature.
Was quite strange to me, it seems to me like living inside a light box, a moist light box.
So while going around I was holding my camera always with me, making pictures of some aspect of that strange kind of day.

It was the day before the New Year Day 2013, so well, I was expecting full of people around, even in the poorest country there are always people walking here and there.
Don’t know why, most probably because a coincidence or because the time on my car clock was showing about 1.00 PM, I was seeing not that much people

So I shoot this picture in a cross-road, a desert cross-road except for one people in an old (but shiny) scooter, and a dog crossing the way on the zebra pattern. Funny.
But what most catched my eye was the intricate web of hundreds of electric wires starting from a single pole. Wow.
So, I made this picture sure of sketching something interesting later in my room.

Sketching in Timor leste

I was a bit sad because some family reasons, you know, alone in a country approaching a great holiday without my family is hard. And at that time, was even harder. And that dirty milky white, instead of the fantastic blue with wonderful clouds that Timor Leste can show usually,  sky was not help me to raise my mood.

My faithful companions, Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Black and my faithful Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolor were guilty for this sketch. Having time, in my room, this time I used DaVinci sable brushes.


Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

I’m coming from a business travel to Laayoune, and obviously I was sketching some. This time sadly I was going to have a training and I went to this place only for few days. I know that I should spend more time near the desert: colors, air and light are wonderful. And I had really no time to sketch more from out. Just a couple of more sketches from pictures I took that are now in my travel diary and I will show probably later.

I used to sketch on one of my cheapo paper recycled hand-made sketch book. I just remind for one that don’t know me that it’s only around 14 pages of cheap photocopiers paper taken from wastes of my office, binded with old folder covers. Cheap. Recycled. Good. I love it since I stash them every where. Believe it or not I have several of them in all my bags…

Travel to Laayoune 01

So the sketching is in reality covering mainly only my stop in the airplane and in the airport of Casablanca, in Morocco. There I awaited the flight connection with my colleague that was with me, flying to Laayoune for the same training I attended.

First of all some airplane sketching, a classic: the meal (if you have the chance). My airplane was quite good and i started sketching soon. I soon ended because I was very tired and I woke up in the morning something like 4.00 AM.

Travel to Laayoune 02

Then later we arrived in Casablanca. I was really impressed about the modernity and the cleanliness of this airport. Probably most people expect something lower than average airport but this is not the case. Casablanca has a nice airport, full of people, and seating on a coffee bar in the national connections flight I started sketching. My colleague was near me and I was very excited to spend some time sketching. He was instead going on the Ipad.

My micro sketching kit mark II (yeah) and my Travel Leather cover are always with me. Always.

Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

Travel to Laayoune 10

Other sketching snapshots taken while seating. Yeah I was so happy to waste time in this way.

Travel to Laayoune 09 Travel to Laayoune 08 Travel to Laayoune 07

At a certain point I left the watercolors and I stopped to color and wash the lines. I went only going black and white using first my hated/loved Noodler’s Konrad.

Travel to Laayoune 06

Then going with Pigma Micron 0.3 becasue has always reliability over the tiring day I was searching for. I sketched this one, please notice on the background, always without one single line, without almost not leaving the point of the pen from the paperTravel to Laayoune 05

Travel to Laayoune 04

An I finished the day sketching my shoes. You know, I was having not that much mental and physical strength, but also one of my favorite subjects!

Travel to Laayoune 03

Just to let you know I used Noodlers Black, Noodlers Konrad Flex pen (not so suitable for travels, sometimes leaks while you are in the airplane), Pigma Micron Pen and Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolors.

Hope  you liked this sketching!