Lamy Fountain Pens Galore

Lamy Fountain Pens Galore

Just  a quick peek about my Lamy Fountain Pens Galore. It’s my Rhodia Plain Notebook with a sample of some of my Lamy Fountain Pens. The bandolier has the larger central slot empty because it needs a watercolors box. Or many other large accessories.

The main reasons because I love my Lamys are:

  1. I’m crazy for that design where shape follows function
  2. I love the possibility to easily swap the nibs between all I have. Included my Lamy Joy (not in this picture).
  3. The converter is a must, but when mounted it expands the ink gluttony
  4. They are very reliable and sturdy
  5. These Lamys won’t break my bank account

From left to right:

  • The new Lamy Al-Star 2013 Limited Edition in Matte Black. Gorgeous. Actually filled with J. Herbin “Gris Nouage” ink. I love greys and this is another one in my arsenal (soon some of my review). EF Nib.
  • Lamy Studio 39 in blue. Filled with Noodler’s Navy, my favorite blue. My blue.
  • Lamy Al-Star Pearl (a gift from my wife). Another Limited Edition. Filled with Noodler’s 52th Massachussetts Blue. The greatest on bulletproof blues. Lovely. It sports a F nib.
  • Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (another gift from my wife). Filled actually with the gorgeous Diamine Oxblood ink. This pen instead sports a 1.1 Nib.
  • Since I love odd numbers I don’t know if I have to buy one pen or I should move one in another kit. 🙂

lamy fountain pens on rhodia notebook

It’s not my obviously Sketching Kit Mark III, it’s just a notebook where from time to time I like to sketch some notes, instead of writing some notes. And Rhodia accepts better than others bands fountain pens (and even some very light washes if needed). Without bleeding. Clairefontaine paper for the next three months guys!

Please tell me if you are a fan of Lamy Fountain Pens too!!

In another post I will show you the other gift of my wife for the birth of our son… 😉


Sketching at the lunch break

Sketching at the lunch break

I had barely the time to go to have 5 minutes for sketching during the lung break.
Well, I’m having luckily some busy days. Full of hard work.
Just the time to eat something quickly and go back to my desktop.
I’m having the typical blue color of someone working 12 hours in front of a computer monitor. But I feel lucky, and I can’t see to go back home to kiss the pinky cheeks of my baby. And my wife indeed!

I mentioned 5 minutes time for sketching. Or a couple of minutes more. Probably I was so inspired to draw this sketch in 8 minutes sharp.
I love sketching people, and I’m making nice experience in drawing people by their back spine…


I made today with my essential monochrome kit. It’s not my best but I defeated the beast in some way.

Yesterday or the day before another 10 minutes sketch. Well that’s what I have in front and the light was simply that good…


Thanks to my iPhone I made this quick post, pictures included. Cheers!

My new Grab and Travel Kit (Sketching Kit Mark III)

My new Grab and Travel Kit (Sketching Kit Mark III)

Well, this is my new Grab and Travel Kit (Sketching Kit Mark III). Or in other words is the Basic Sketching Kit Mark III. Still evolving, for instance the drawing pens.

Oh, how much I love these words and how it sounds…

I reached this new and daily carry kit after making some conclusion for daily sketching.
First going around I need something complete but light. Complete but light means to me at least two waterbrushes, two drawing pens, watercolors and something different like a white pigmented gel pen.

grab kit 01

As you can see all art light arsenal is held in place by the forth Journal Bandolier from Emily on Etsy. It is custom made, so it fits four pen/waterbrushes slots plus one micro watercolor kit. I’ve to say that I took this picture one week ago. Now I fitted also my New Lamy Al-Star Black, the limited 2013 Edition. Have I ever said that I love Lamys? 🙂

The cover is a blue vegetal tanned leather. Sturdy enough to go around the world and back home several times. This one is a special color I made only for me. I love this leather sketching kit. It protects and allows with a bit of patience to sketch or doodle or to take notes even standing.
This kind of covers are hand-made by me: you can find on my Etsy BroLeatherWorks shop. Thanks to all fellows sketching artists that believed in my leather projects and covers. Above all friends I’d like to thanks Tina Koyama, that I made a great custom leather cover and Beth that was the first to buy when he knew I was selling these.
They are great artist and have also great blogs to follow! Go!

grab kit 02

The main new is also inside the cover. This cover is really modular. And I love that because my mood (and my needs) like every human, can change. I can change and fill with a Moleskine Sketchbook or whatever is pocket up to A6 size.

Inside I stuffed with three cahiers made with watercolor friendly paper. Three different cahiers: two are watercolors friendly, one is Fabriano paper, excellent for Fountain pens writing.But you know, if I’m inspired, I don’t care where I’m sketching… 🙂

I have now endless possibilities to kill the time. Let’s say like that even if I’m having short time in this month…

grab kit 03

I’m very happy of this new sketching kit, even if now I carry in my daily bag two of these covers. One is like my pocket note taking holder and this one is my pocket sketching studio.

What do you think about?


Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit

Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit

Probably because I’m mad for sketching, I assembled this Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit. That’s something I was thinking to make since some time.
I have many kits always at ready in my daily bag or at home or in the drawer of the desktop in my office. This kit will go into my daily carry bag (phew!)

I love sketching, and sketching often, if time allows. And this monochrome sketching kit although is not “a pen and a cahier” (the very essential kit) is somewhat close.

It’s composed by one of my sketchbooks, plus one pigmented pen (actually a Staedtler Pigmented Pen 0.3) and a Kuretake Zig water brush filled with Diamine Ink Grey. I’m crazy for this ink…

monochrome sketching kit

If you feel interesting this is one of four Journal Bandoliers I bought from Emily on Etsy. You can buy the Journal Bandolier here. She can realize also bandoliers on your specification. I asked here to make two and soon I will show them also.

So, these are some results from my  monochrome sketching.

monochrome sketching my way 03

Or during a lunch break.

monochrome sketching my way 05

Here it’s another kind of monochrome. I used a Lamy Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Ink, a waterproof blue that is art ready. You know what I mean! 🙂

monochrome sketching journal

monochrome sketching my way 02


A fishermen house north of Dili, Timor Leste

A fishermen house north of Dili, Timor Leste

I have to say that the fishermen house that I sketched here is one of my favorite subjects that I made so far.
The story about this subject is about my Saturdays and Sundays promenade. I use to go out to the restaurant for lunch, and then with my car going around. The sun was very hot as you can imagine, but the air conditioning in  my car was working so not a problem. Also, I like to go on the road slowly. It’s a promenade, made with car, and I like to stay safe and within the rules.

So while going North of Dili there was many villages of fishermen. Over these small villages of fishermen there was a bay with lot of sand. I was surprised since there was only this fishermen house with nowhere around. There was also one people inside, under the deep shadow of the roof, seated.
And I was really caught by that view.

I stopped on the side of the road, I popped out all the art arsenal and I started sketching.
I made around the 40% of the sketching, most of the lines and some sky washes. Sketching was going very slow, I was not fully comfortable and I was caressing the idea of finishing later in the afternoon the sketch. So I took a picture and I finished later home.

Sketching in Timor Leste a fishermen house

In this sketching I was using only the Noodlers Ahab fountain pen with Noodlers Black ink. I have to say that thanks to this sketching I will not throw in the garbage my Ahab. Leaking. Boring. Pen. Some light colors made on site but I made the final color washes   on my room in the afternoon, later in my small small room.