Strike the pose!

Strike the pose!

Strike the pose!
No, I’m not getting mad. I’m justing having little time and strength for sketching (really? How it comes?), because lot of work, because I’m working also on my leather projects because the family is growing. Well probably it’s just a pack of excuses, and my invisible friend is laughing. But I hold on tight!

Well apart from this bunch of excuses and apart of my invisible friend is laughing I’d like to have anytime a sketching kit. Even when I go out with my baby to have a walk. Especially in these days of summer when the sunset is so sweet and the air is mild.
There is a place where we go very often, near our house, the small port or the marina docks.
Lots of ships… One day I will go there with a big stool and I will sketch any single ship, vessel, barca, barchetta, whatever floats! 🙂

Here there is a small amphitheater where people sits, enjoy the view, and some are even sketching. Like me. Let’s say me.
And I find very funny in these times to sketch people holding several poses while sitting on the small arena.

strike the pose04 strike the pose05  strike the pose02 strike the pose03

Ok, I sketched this on at the beach. But with the same feelings.

strike the pose01
I just try to sketch these poeple very quickly, i’m not interested in the details but how they strike the pose. Or better, how they live their natural poses. You know, especially in Italy is funny to make this studies. I think with a sort of training anyone can tell a story about one people just looking how he walk or how that child is yawning or how a woman is shaking a hand.

For most of these sketchings I used to go with my essential monochrome kit, and I washed them instantly with watercolors from my Sketching Kit Mark III. I even tried to use some pencil (it was a long time that I was not using my mechanical pencil) just to follow some hints from Marc Taro article on Drawing People in Motion.
I’m trying to gather more experience and to add more art arsenal techniques from this great sketcher.

The beauty of sketching in my opinion is that you always learn, change and adapt of your mood, subject, colors. Crazy me? Probably! 🙂


At the City Park

At the City Park

At the city park everyone is free.
I feel free. I feel even something close to happiness, like when we go to the beach.
I just love to go to the city park with my lovely wife and with my baby. I love green, I love the water, I hate mosquitos. Well, I cannot love anything! I’m human.

This is our favorite scenario. We go for a walk in the park with our foldable seats.
We just seat in front this small lake under the shadow of the tree. We await inspiration.
We start drawing what we have in front.
I feel free.

So I started sketching as shown by the picture here. You see, even if I was not sketching I was just enjoying and relaxing.

sketching at the city park

The baby is at my left side. After the baby there is my wife, drawing and making her colorful and detailed journal. I’m enjoying, my wife is relaxing and enjoying and the baby is really easy. He’s sleeping.
I can finish my sketching. I changed my sketching bag. I felt more comfortable with the classical Eastpack. Latest addition are the pigmented pen in earth tones and a roll of Derwent Pencil Watercolor.  The baby still cradling between Morpheus arms.
I start digging on the Moleskine Watercolor I’m dedicating to my son and color flows liberally and without any control. I finish the sketching. So much I like the sketching at the park.
I’m sorry for the ugly shorts. 🙂 But here the weather is so hot. :)) sketching at the city park 03


We are near to the end of this journey. The baby is accurate as much as a swiss watch and we are reaching the time for the evening “pappa”, meal in the italian childish slang.
He is starting to move very slowly but I had the time to sketch him. I just plain love him.
sketching my baby at the city park 04

Well, it’s time to go home. I finished to color my sketching and the baby is awakening. Just as the master voice we hear his calls. Time to go. One of the best hour of my life.

In these picture you spotted my Winsor and Newton watercolor box and my favorite Kuretake Waterbrush.

The Littoral of Dili in Timor Leste

Sketching The Littoral of Dili in Timor Leste

As I was writing before many times like here and here , I remember I enjoyed a lot to go out for sketching. The Littoral of Dili in Timor Leste was one of my favorite ever.
Full of people, full of nice views, full of interesting elements for the sketching. At least for me.

And there are also some of favorite subjects ever.
Trees, light houses and ships.

Here just an example. I was courting this place many times before stopping by. I just loved the colors of this lighthouse, the smell of the sea, the blue sky (here I sued a lot of dense watercolors and three kind of blue) the moody light, almost everything. Don’t know why, probably it’s a strange combination but I don’t care. I just liked.
And this was the result.

I started only to make few lines from the inside of the ca. Later I later the sketching of this light house in my room instead of watching TV.

Sketching in Timor Leste lighthouse

Three days later while I was going along the littoral I ended in another small lighthouse. It is at the first part of the pier but still holds a lot of fashion. And I loved to make a lot of this sketching on the place, just before people was starting to see me. then I went away.

Sketching in Timor Leste lighthouse and dam at the end of the littoral

Well this is my way to know and to breathe the local places when I go out for work. I’m lucky to see these fantastic places, although they are poor and people needs a lot of help.

I hope the Timor people appreciate this efforts from an european that loves every culture, loves sea places and works for peace. Really works for peace, even when sketching and telling to the world how many beautiful place we have. We, the world, have.

I used even this time my usual workhorses: Lamy Safari Fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink, Winsor and Newton Artist’s watercolors and Da Vinci brushes.

I’d like to test some Stillman&Birn Sketchbooks. Any one wants to make a swap?


Drawing People In Motion – Marc Taro Holmes

Drawing People In Motion – Marc Taro Holmes

Marc Taro Holmes is a very talented artist and his blog has some of the most impressive  urban sketching that I ever seen. His loose lines and delicate but powerful watercolors washing are incredible to me. I can see also more power in landscaping. He has the view.

He is also teaching some classes at the 2013 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Barcelona.  This time I feel sad because it’s not that far from me and I cannot be there for several reasons.

One of my dreams to come true will be in the next future to attend the next Urban Sketcher Symposium.

I’m following him since a long time, even on Twitter (please follow @twitaro) everywhere.He is one of my myths and if you see his drawing you soon will discover why. I think his sketches are talking by themselves.

I discovered also that some days ago he posted a short but very useful guide about sketching and drawing people in motion. It’s simple, full and fantastic. I’ve made mine some of his hints and I’ve to admit that he spot on all the line. The post is fantastic, the guide is wonderful. Few pages in pdf that I also saved in my notebook.

Please read this post because is so full. And please subscribe to his fantastic blog:

Here the direct download for this pdf guide Drawing People in Motion by Marc Taro Holmes.