On holiday finally

Finally we got our time to go on leave.
Also this year we took the chance for a big challenge: going on leave to camping near the sea. With our seven months baby.
Phew! It’s hard! But rewarding.
And I also should find tome for some sketching but a seven mont toad sucks a lot of time and energy. More in this hot summer.

We are crazy for the sea sound and nothing beats our camping near the sea shores. While I’m writing here on my phone I hear loud the sea waves.

Some people pays for that sound into home. But you cannot buy the feeling, the salty smell of the sea and the pine trees and the relax pervading at night.

I feel older but a little bit happier.
I just need to lay down on our rubber mattress. And tomorrow morning at early I will be on the sea side. With my lovely family. Where the sea has the same color of the sky, just a little after the sunrise.

Hugs to all I’m taking a break!

Ice cream versus my review of the Winsor and Newton Watercolor Bijou Box

Ice cream versus my review of the Winsor and Newton Watercolor Bijou Box

An ice cream and my watercolors are companion today for lunch.
After a short lunch break I needed to go out for a walk. While walking I’m thinking that I have still my Winsor and Newton Jewel (Bijou) Box with me and I didn’t use it. Bad.

I don’t want any monkey to stop my sketching, but hey, today I need a serious relief for my eyes. Sleeping is perfect, but in the mean time I cannot. The view of the sea is quite enough.

Opening my faithful daily bag, where believe me or not now I hold 4 kinds of sketchbooks and notebooks. Here a peek into my bag just dropped on the table.
icream watercolors bag 05

You can clearly see my daily work agenda, a Rhodia, and then a pocket leather travel cover made by me. The other two notebooks and notebook cover are in the shadow.

So I start dismantling my Sketching Kit Mark III that from today is officially Travel Sketching Kit Mark IV. I love to give names to things… I think there is some (crazy) creativity.

For the sake of accuracy, yes, I did another leather travel sketchbook cover that can hold up to A6 sketchbooks. Now it’s holding three hand-made 150g sketchbooks.
Slightly larger and higher but I can hold really everything and a lot. Blue is one of my favorite color, so I did it in that way. 🙂
icream watercolors 07

So, after dismantling the biiiig package there is a brand new watercolor box. Look, all the color pans are still wrapped.

I like my lemon ice cream with liquorice holder. I feel like a baby today.
icream watercolors 01

So, what I have to do now? Do I have to let melt the ice cream and unwrap the watercolors? Or to eat that fresh lemon ice cream delaying the subtle pleasure of unwrapping some good watercolors?

This is the visual reply.
ice cream and watercolors

I just didn’t care about the ice cream. I went for the watercolors. Of course!

Did you have any doubt? Me no. This is a brand new Winsor and Newton Bijou Box and still untouched. And I like to use it badly! As you can see in the picture I unwrapped the pans so badly that some paper still sticks on the (melting… my goodness) surface of the colors. No problem, a quick sketch will wipe off that fuzzy things.
The vision is wonderful isn’t it?
The box sports 8 fantastic watercolors in two rows, if the pans are held horizontally. But if you set the pans vertically you can have 5 colors for each row. Plus the wonderful central row can hold 4 more colors if you toss the tiny brush.
In conclusion this small package can carry from 8 to 14 watercolors half pan.

What else?
It’s an enameled box and it’s a fantastic pleasure for the eyes and to touch. I now pack inside only 8 colors but knowing that I can eventually pack more and that exciting indeed.

If you want to read serious review (not like mine) about this Winsor and Newton Watercolors Bijou Box go to Parka Blog.

Time is running. And I need to go back in the office.
Well I have some ideas for the next coming leather projects. I have some needs and I think a good leather cover or a leather case can help me. I cannot tell more for now.
So just to not forget what I’m thinking about now I just sketch and note some ideas. Maybe they are already old ideas, maybe they are some taken ideas. they are my ideas and I love to write and to sketch. Is it an excuse to pop out my fountain pen and my paper? Yes it is… 🙂
Here it is the page before I was writing. You know I’d like to have secrets inside the notebooks, between the protective wings of my leather cover.

icream watercolors 06

I’m a visual person, I know. I don’t know if this is called sketching or drawing or taking visual notes. Don’t want to label it. But I like it.

As I like to have my faithful art weapons with me: my Lamy fountain pens, my watercolors, my waterbrushes and a pinch of madness.


On the ground in Timor Leste

On the ground  in Timor Leste

On the ground in Timor Leste.

Probably this is my most comprehensive show of transportation and vehicles on my blog posted until now.
This time I will not write a lot I will only show some pictures with my captions. very personal captions…

Here something on the street. Obviously is  working machine I believe a concrete mixer.
With the strong casting shadows ( it was around 1.00PM) I just outlined some. Then I took a picture and I run away because the heat and I finished to sketch  this steel bumblebee in my room.
Sketching in Timor Leste concrete machine on the ground

Well this is probably my best sketching about a bus in Timor Leste. It’s not my first time I sketch a bus in Timor. I love them because they are colorful (and full of people). Sadly this bus  was stopped at the side of the street. The people were awaiting probably some spare parts, but looking into their faces, the wait was very long.

Sketching in Timor Leste a bus stopped near the side of the street on the ground

And this is another bus. Let’s say it’s a truck full of people. I was sitting on the side of the street during the New Years day around Taci Tolu.THere was a lot of truck like this one serving as bus. And there was a lot of people over the trucks, childs, women, men, seated even just over the front glass.
And the street were full also of motorbikes, cars, people.
On the ground, on the street, around the city, many movement and life in Dili.

Sketching in Timor Leste on the ground the new year day 2013




Winsor And Newton Artist’s watercolor – The Jewel Box

Winsor And Newton Artist’s watercolor –  The Jewel Box

Don’t call me posh. But this Winsor And Newton Artist’s watercolor –  The Jewel Box, it’s a tiny beauty. I was following some auctions on-line and I find a really great deal. I bought it for the price of around 30 Euro from an auctioneer that probably took this tiny beauty form another real estate sale or something like that.
And I was lucky because the auction was starting since ten minutes.
ZAAAANG! Gotcha! 🙂

The Bijou Box Winsor And Newton Watercolors


Although I made many tiny micro sketching kits, well, this tiny box is a real jewel. It is little enough to be carried with my Sketching Kit Mark III and it’s for sure a great addition.

I just plain love it!




Other sketchings from the littoral of Dili, Timor Leste

Other sketchings from the littoral of Dili, Timor Leste

Yet Other sketchings from the littoral of Dili, Timor Leste.
Following the other post made some days ago, I just like to share other sketchings from that wonderful place.

I want today that probably, and as usual, I don’t know why, this could be one of my top ten sketchings. I took this picture while I was moving up and down to the littoral of Dili in search of inspiration.
Probably it’s the simplicity in this sketching or the powerful light coupled with the cobalt blue sky. Don’t know. I’m crazy for this image.

By the way this is a common scenario, in many poor places around the world. He is another people selling goods, carrying all goods on the big rolled hat and in the sack.

Sketching in Timor Leste people on the littoral

Other attempts of sketching here, near the Parliament if I remember well.

Sketching in Timor Leste lotte

I was in sketching as loose as I can. I was suffering the intense heat, admiring the crystal clear sea, the wonderful beach, the green vegetation and an astonishing sky. Probably THe sketching result is not that spectacular, but the record of that place is bright and vivid. That’s what I care most.

Sketching in Timor Leste around on the littoral

I used a lot of stuff f but mainly my workhorses, and if you know me, they are always almost the same.
The same brand of watercolors, ink, and fountain pen.