A fridge and an ice cream dispenser sketch

A fridge and an ice cream dispenser sketch

That’s just the same story that I love to tell.
Came back from our late vacation and work filling again our lives. Luckily I’d like to say, because I know that in these times finding a job is like winnings lottery. And also becasue I love so much my job.

No time, always in rush. But I try to stretch something like the time to find a way to sketch.
It was a windy day, and I love windy days especially if I am near the sea.

Had no time to sketch nor great subjects.
This was my view.


But hey to me everything is worth to be sketched and even a simple fridge and a table can teach me perspective and coloring. Everything is worth to be sketched. Yes. Always!

And this is the ugly result.


Even If I forgot my motto, once I unbury it, I feel happy.

And thanks to God I have always with me my bag, my grab sketching kit. At least a pen and some paper.
Some people who knows me, knows that I can even burn a wood stick and sketch with that coal…