Candies and Chocolate bars

Candies and Chocolate bars

Candies and  chocolate bars, sweets.
Any kind of sweet is very welcome while having hard work and a little time.
They are usually wrapped in fantastic colors, and somewhat dreaming images of what it’s (not exactly) inside.
The salvation is only one! Take two. One is for eating the other one is for sketching.
The soul feels fantastic. The mouth is full of paradise. The liver a bit less. The belly is gone. The blood is going sweet. Not bad. At all.

I’m using my fantastic Winsor & Newton Bijou Box. And a Pigma Pen. My Leather Travel Cover is going with me everywhere and tells me about fantastic stories. Overall the stories of when I was younger and  twenty kilograms ago.

Not that much writing today, just enjoying. Remembering.

Candies and chocolate bar

Just a detail. It’s gone.

candies chocolate bar

The drawing could be better but eating my favorite chocolate candy is priceless. famous brands, same damage to the body.

Candies and chocolate bar

In few minutes I realized how much I love chocolate under stress. But my goodness the sketching is saving me from the accidental ingestion of kilograms of chocolate. At least at work.

Candies and  Chocolate bars, sweets. Use with wise sense of humour and less than your eyes want. Wash the after eating that.

Lunch break!  🙂


Me Loves Camping

Me Loves Camping

Me Love Camping is like a childish way to say I’m crazy for the camping. I wrote about the camping even some time ago, you can read here some.

So each year, among many sacrifices we try to go for camping at least for one week.
The feeling of freedom and the expanded sense of time is fantastic. If you add plenty of barbecues, pitch black nights with your family and a fantastic sea place you wonder why I love that.

This year was even more challenging because it’s the very first time with our baby. Yes, our baby has few months but enjoys camping while it’s (obviously) still not too much hot.
Moreover he likes to swim and to have a bath in the sea like a fish.
Proud Papa and Proud Mama.

Obviously there is also a chance to make some relaxed sketching. To be honest we didn’t sketched a lot like the other years without the baby. But was so rewarding, going more for quality. All family in action!

Even my pupo is reading and breathing good air and feeling good vibrations!

Me Love Camping

So first of all this was our panorama on sunset. Except the scary fences to protect the camping from unwanted visitors the seaside is beautiful.

Me Love Camping 03

I was sketching so quietly. Relaxing. Breathing. that not-that-skinny-guy seated in a tiny camping seat. Using the bigger seat to hold the notebooks. Wow. That’s what I think people was thinking about. just don’t care. In that moments I felt happy and free.

After all, I discovered that my tent neighbor was a sketching guy too. I made him a present and I gifted to him my current sketching as below.

Coincindence I was sketching on Winsor&Newton Post Card sized sheets of Watercolor Paper. Fantastic. I just left my address on the back of this paper and…

Me Love Camping 01

We were in wonderful conversation. I even made a sketch of a juniper tree, the same as above picture. I made it as a cover on my watercolors cahier. I gifted to him also this one.

Me Love Camping 05

You know, I made some more sketchings, but this one I will remember for life. Like the picture of my baby and my family all over the camping.
Today is heavy rain here, but I’m feeling warm.

That’s the final sense of sketching I suppose… If not, that’s mine. Remembers.

Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome

Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome

Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome is a way to hold on sketching light and easy. You have no time? A biro and paper are practically everywhere.

An Essential Monochrome Sketch kit like mine it can be composed even from a notebook and a pen or pencil.
So that’s my sketching kit, and I keep sketching as soon as I can. More often are ten minutes sketching like the ones following here.
I took all of them during my lunch break, in no time. I didn’t ever cared about the results (well, too much) so just to relax my eyes from a computer work. To ease my mind from terrible thoughts and to wipe some stress from work.
Ten. Minutes. Free. Everywhere.

Here some samples.

Lunch Break Sketching 02 Lunch Break Sketching 03 Lunch Break Sketching 04 Lunch Break Sketching 01

I did all these sketching using my kit. I’m using most of times my beloved Lamy Safari filled with Noodler’s Grey or the Pigma. The Platinum Fude Pen (a reviving love, I just tossed all soft pen nibs of every brand) and a waterbrush filled of Diamine Grey Ink.
Since I’m not using any watercolor (colors don’t stick over it !*&%$#@) the pocket Moleskine Sketch is going really well.