My hand made leather case for watercolors

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit

Well the story is short but the making is so long. I made this hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit because my wife wanted something to hold with elegance.
You know, she’s not posh but she likes a lot to have good things. If we add that I promised her also a hand made leather bag since years, it’s easy to spot the target.

So I hand made this leather case for watercolors and sketching kit. I made it flatter. In my travels and in my daily commutes I feel better when I store my art things in a flatter way. Moreover, it’s made by durable leather, it’s also finished with my leather balm recipe and it’s made with whole lotta love (ciao Led Zeppelin!).

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit 01

This is the real set, with a Winsor & Newton Watercolor Sketcher Box, a Moleskine Watercolor, two of my favorite Kuretake Water brushes (a large and a detailer), and a Staedtler Pigmented Pen or a Faber Castell Pitt Pen. I think that inside this hand made leather case for watercolors and the sketching kit are well saved.
I like in this way. Definitively.

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit 08

I love modularity and as far as I can all my projects, I make them to be  used in many ways.
For instance I’m willing to make another one for me and to fill the case like that in the picture below. Full of fountain pens, pens, brushes, water brushes, held vertically. Whatever. Vertically is better no questions.

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit 02

I love my personal travel concept that means also basically “go for the easiest way, done sturdy, easy replaceable and no metals”. Further looking on my travel concept are here. For this reason I am keeping using elastic bands for closure: easy to find anywhere in the world, and if you don’t find them you can use even a dental floss. It works.

But jokes apart, this is also a very effective choice. So if you overfill, no buttons and easy to pen and close in a snap (or two) always.

Large pen pencil holder sketch kit 05

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit 05

Some details of the hand stitching, the saddle stitching.

Well, I think this My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit is also beautiful on itself. What do you think about?

My hand made leather case for watercolors and sketching kit 06


Duck Fight

duck fight 01

Duck Fight

There is a nice story behind this duck fight sketching.

I had some problems with my scooter. So I went to the mechanic to have some repairs and maintenance. It was not that far from the park we usually go on Sunday. Having some minutes spare while my wife was driving to pick me up. So I reached the park and at the  entering of the park there is a channel. In this usually you can find many birds eating, drinking, going around.

But this time there was a scene that kept my attention: 3 ducks quacking and spinning around. Two of them were males, the most colored ones, and the all brown is the female. And there was a duck fight in progress, where these two males were teasing each other. This duck fight was really funny because the way the ducks sometimes walk or run and because the pretenders were stalking the duck beauty. Quack Quack!

The duck fight never became cruel but it was somewhat determined. Powerful blows from the smaller pretender to the chest of the bigger (older?) pretender. And the opposite the bigger duck was first defending and then attacking with other beak blows.
Funny. It’s always the same story from duck to humans, because we need to take our genes forward.

So I was looking very focused at this scene for almost all time.I was trying to memorize all colors of this duck fight. The color of the muddy water and the fantastic metallic recollections of the male ducks. Altough hey are absolutely not reproducible with watercolors at least I gave a try.

I suddenly I remembered that better than looking there is also sketching. And time was coming over. So I really grabbed my first pen and I took my Zebra Z-Mulsion Hybrid rollerball and my favorite Stillman&Birn Beta. I started sketching very loosing, without almost any care.

duck fight 01

That is no easy but it was a really good lesson to draw for the lines and the poses instead going for details.

duck fight 02

After finished the outlines and barely the time for the lettering I received my wife’s call. It’s time to go.

I forgot even to take a picture, can you imagine how I was happy to see this show. And on saturday afternoon I gave all the colors and the washes to the sketching. The duck fight colors relayed on my sole memory. I used my Winsor&Newton Watercolors and my brushes taking my (short) time.

duck fight 03

But again it was a really nice lesson.
And I discovered how good it’s this Zebra Hybrid for sketching since it’s really waterproof and really black. Well, now I should test all the other hybrid gel pens arrived from the last order from And everything sounds fantastic!

Bamboo Pens

Bamboo Pens

I received some days ago some bamboo pens from this fantastic seller Kate Moby. Take a look also at her site here, she’s also a photographer, a designer and an illustrator.

I was willing to have some bamboo pens because I have to admit I have seen many times Danny Gregory using it.

I love the way these pens are leaving fat and expressive lines. The power of these bamboo pens is released when using india inks like one my favorite: Sennelier India Ink. India inks are waterproof for nature since they contains shellac and, depending of the thickness of the ink, these bamboo pens can leave also a “tactile” thick line.

As far I received it I though that there is another good subject to sketch during my lunch break – too much time I’m sketching at the lunch breaks… does it means that I’m stressed?

I started to outline them very slowly with my TWSBI VAC 700 filled with Noodlers Lexington Gray. This pen leaves fine lines and sometimes I feel almost like having a liquid soft pencil, but waterproof. And very enjoyable because I’m sketching using a fine fountain pen.

Bamboo pens 01

This is only an outline, and sometimes I can make good outlines. I think that this time I made a barely good outlining on the sketchbook. I took this picture with my Ipad Mini, I think it renders the idea.

Starting to fill here and there with my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists’ Watercolors, and this is the result about several washings and layers. But the Stillman&Birn Beta sketchbook is supporting quite well my water brushes and washes. Sketching and making everything over it is simply a pleasure. Even lettering and calligraphy lyes like a silk on the rough paper as previous post.

This is the ( not ) impressive result of my sketching.

Bamboo pens 02

To be honest I over worked a bit on this sketching of my bamboo pens. Final wording made as I love. I used just the indigo remaining on the lid :).

If interested bamboo pens are available also here in the Jackson’s Art Store as set or as single pen, that is very handy.