No time but at least some sketching during the lunch break

It’s hard to say but there are times where even the simplest action takes ages to be accomplished.
These are hard times for me and for my family. Other challenges are coming soon and we should be able to cope with them.
I’m also a bit sad because I don’t find time enough for my sketching.

But some days ago I forced my self to find really 19 minutes sharp for me for my soul and I sketched very loosely.

I sketched nothing but my daily set that is getting rusty…

It’s also a time where I’m trying to not use my Waterbrushes and more my travel brushes. This implies also to have water in handy. For this reason it’s also difficult to me to find a leak proof, cheap and effective water storage.


I found in this baby juice container a lot of good sides: one overall that has a big lid that can be used as a small container. Enough to make also a good wash for a single page. Still experimenting though. Also with the back pack or messenger.


Whats your favorite water container? And what about your back pack or messenger?