My dear son is sleeping at the beach

My dear son is sleeping at the beach and thats lovely. I’m a bad sleeper and seeing my darling so easy even with 36 degrees Celsius is simply wonderful. It brings me in peace with the world. With our world.

I added only few washes of color because first I did it with some “babies readiness ” in charge. Also because it was really hot. Finally because seems there is enough good outline.

I had the chance also to go for sketching my view from my beach cabin. Lots of boats: good place to stay today.

Here the same reasons as before for coloring. Plus I stopped coloring because the weather is so hot and moist hat send sketching inside the Amazon Forest.

God bless waterbrushes. Can I have them with air conditioning encapsulated so when I sketch I will not sweat like a fish?

People taking sun and talking at the beach

I suck on titles I suppose. I can see that I’m quite monotone sometime. Should I say Sketching of the Day and then set the title based on that day? Don’t know. Still thinking about it.

In the meantime two days ago I was able to sketching eve more than mere lines.

People staring on their small beach seats talking, some young guys playing cards… Wow! And it was only 30 degrees Celsius!

How sad is seeing people spending most of their time under the sun with a phone? Instead of a good book, sketchbook or even plain paper…


Sketching on the beach, not easy!

Sketching on the beach … It’s  not definitely easy (sketching to me is never easy… I’m so sloooow). First because I should wait all my babies sleeping, second it’s damn hot these days here, third you should be always at ready to help wife and kids. In any moment! 

Something like that

Lots of distractions included people that likes to point on your missing point or your future career as sketcher. No problem I’m friend of every one… Just let me sketch! Hot today.

Near my cabin, under a humid shadow I made some. 

Oh, this is our beach cabin mate. Yes the baby  is the same age of our Danny. Yes another father that loves to make castles made of sand.


A father on the Beach

A father on the Beach

My ugly monster with pen and watercolors still struggle to put on paper some bloats and lines. This monster is called myself and likes also to stay with the babies, with wife and to go on the beach.

Well done, I found time (roughly 15 minutes before a shower) and I also I found the perfect subject. Let’s say the perfect model. Why so perfect? Because the model keep steady easily, because it has a dinamic yet powerful pose, because it’s a tired father sleeping near the baby trolley. Yet , a modern Michelangelo statue.

I will not add anything else, I hope the picture will explain by itself.

Yes it’s my phone

Oh yes it’s my phone!

Today the time it’s stretching again all my duties and jobs. No time in a rush and obviously only 15 minutes for sketching.

Challenge accepted! I do for my self again what I always say: find 15 Minutes and remember that Everything Is Worth To Be Sketched.

Table. Colors. Inspiration. Hot weather like a big hair drier always on, with just 90 percent humidity.


Here I go. That’s my cell phone on the table.

My little sketching thirst is not over but at least I did something for today.

At the beach under the umbrella

At the beach under the umbrella 
We had this wonderful day at the beach and it was let’s say full.

I’m having a great time with my family although some things are going to be a bit more complicated. Nothing that we can’t manage with a little extra effort.

So I finally had some time, very short, to sketch something when my baby and all his friends are at play. Only pen and sketchbook.

How is hard to sketch babies going like quick silver! But it’s a joy deep on my heart seeing them playing. Really

I also had to make another quick sketch of mom with baby girl.

They are seated on the beach. Baby wonder is bubbling strange alien words and mommy is taking care. Seated at her dude. Nope, today no book reading time mommy. Thank on letting me sketching, for these  10 minutes.

Coloring? Nope. I was there and the min colors today are about wonderful remembers. Today I don’t want to add anything more than a quick caption.