Yes it’s my phone

Oh yes it’s my phone!

Today the time it’s stretching again all my duties and jobs. No time in a rush and obviously only 15 minutes for sketching.

Challenge accepted! I do for my self again what I always say: find 15 Minutes and remember that Everything Is Worth To Be Sketched.

Table. Colors. Inspiration. Hot weather like a big hair drier always on, with just 90 percent humidity.


Here I go. That’s my cell phone on the table.

My little sketching thirst is not over but at least I did something for today.

At the beach under the umbrella

At the beach under the umbrella 
We had this wonderful day at the beach and it was let’s say full.

I’m having a great time with my family although some things are going to be a bit more complicated. Nothing that we can’t manage with a little extra effort.

So I finally had some time, very short, to sketch something when my baby and all his friends are at play. Only pen and sketchbook.

How is hard to sketch babies going like quick silver! But it’s a joy deep on my heart seeing them playing. Really

I also had to make another quick sketch of mom with baby girl.

They are seated on the beach. Baby wonder is bubbling strange alien words and mommy is taking care. Seated at her dude. Nope, today no book reading time mommy. Thank on letting me sketching, for these  10 minutes.

Coloring? Nope. I was there and the min colors today are about wonderful remembers. Today I don’t want to add anything more than a quick caption.


Today at the beach

Today at the beach I was lucky. We were lucky.

All babies gone sleep and we ended the chance to relax for few minutes.

Under the wooden sky, just in front of our cabin I even  started to sketch again. 

Well I used to do it very quickly without much care of details and I’m guilty. But it’s like starting again  and with a warm hope to continue!


Thank you Nomadic in making so great cases!!