Danny is coloring 

Danny is coloring with me.

We are making a surprise to mom. An  excuse to find  some time to spend together.

I was drawing some figures like flowers, tree, a fish, a heart, clouds, a sun and so forth.

I made this sketching from a picture I took at that time. I sketched during the lunch break because I was feeling this urge.

I spent only 15 minutes but these 15 minutes was a little cloud of happiness during a hard day 

Have a nice Sunday all!

A jar of sugar and an italian coffee machine

A jar of sugar and an Italian coffee machine.

Today I arrived a bit earlier at office and I had also a little time (and will) to sketch these scene.

Coherently with my motto that everything is wort to be sketched I went for few lines instantly. This scene is very loved by me, it reminds me the good start.
Black coffee=caffeine for my mind.

Then I made the outline in around 5 minutes.
Adding color took not more than 10 minutes.

Great. Roughly 15 minutes sketching to start the day and to renew my love for quick and true sketching.

Probably, looking after some time in should sketch them bigger on my sketchbook. I will probably do it again next time.

What it counts, at the end is the pleasure I had spending these 15 minutes on filling again my Stillman and Birn sketchbook.
Thanks Pat, I appreciated your inspiration!

Size (and price) does not matter. A review of brushes Måla.

Size (and price) does not matmatter for these brushes Måla I found at Ikea.

I bought them first some time ago for my wife and for the kids. They used extensively for many medium, and they works reasonably well also with poster colors, guaches, acrylics and so forth.
This Måla were made for kids but used by big kid like me.
And it’s not the only kid stuff I use currently. But this is another story 🙂
Yes they are cheap and anyone that will not to pretend an Escoda performance will be not disappointed.

They perform consistently and are really nice to carry for sketching. Lot of people knows that I’m not picky when sketching. I can even draw with a pointed chines chopstick or a burnt tree stick. If I want, I can sketch with everything passes on my mind (and my hands).

I’m not the kind of guy that use cheap stuff and throw in the bin.
Even for cheap sketching stuff I love to have a good maintenance. Sure, for cheapos, if something really bad happens (forgot your brushes in the water for a week? Baaad!) my heart is lighter if I dispose them properly.


  • short handle. Means that they can fit in any purse, bag, tote, pocket.
  • Several kinds in this blister: i Love the flatter becasue I can make large washes easily
  • Good density of bristles, no shredding
  • Synthehtic bristles: easy to wash and they dry relatively quickly
  • Cheap


  • Water retention is far from stellar. BUt hey, they not Escodas or Da Vinci.
  • Sometimes you want them more performing
  • If left too myuch damp, the tin collar can rust
  • YMMV as all art (and not only) stuff!


Love you all.
If you have the chance to try them let me know you opinion!

Mysterious thoughts

Mysterious thoughts

You know cats are amongst the most mysterious animals that a family can have. My cat is even worst, it’s a kind of sociopath.

Coming back on topic, well this scene makes me feel a little bit sad. Every time I look at this scene with my cat at the window I feel struggling.

What are your thoughts my beloved savage cat? Are you feeling nostalgic? Are you going to love again the free and cruel places that gave you birth? Are simply spotting some little games? 

Am I wrong if I feel that you should go out and free, although you probably you will be not self sufficient for food procurement?

So I felt also the urge to make a sketch. An almost monotone sketching. Rough and not fully definite like my feelings (excuse? I did it in only 10 minutes).

I know it should be darker and with more contrast but I wasn’t able.

I really care about you my dear cat. My Amelie.