Hand study or hand doodle?

Hand study or hand doodle?
Still don’t know but it’s a good idea when doing an important it a lot going call.

I think it’s very complicated to draw hands enough good. There’s my case obviously, I’m not satisfied still I had fun.

Well I had phun (phone and fun).

Now I made thus sketching but I made a big mistake… I sketched with my biro on a loose already photocopied paper. and now it’s probably into recycling bin…😂


Ginger infusion 

Ginger infusion 

A good infusion is always a good choice. In any moment of the day.

I’m drinking a lot these infusions first of all because I  like them. Second they are apparently very healthy. Third they’re objectively delicious.

I organized to take with me at work oa piece f this delicious spicy root.

And I was inspired. 


Orecchiette, tomatoes (pomodorini) and feta cheese

Orecchiette, tomatoes (pomodorini) and feta cheese.

Orecchiette is a concave disk shape pasta typical of my region. YEs in italy we have more than 150 shapes of pasta.

I’m very happy about this light but tasty lunch break.

I’m also very happy about my sketching. Enough details, enough significant and 20 minutes spent in a wonderful way.


Recipe for this tasty, all italian, light meal. No Cooking just assembling. Easy

Pomodorini (small cherry tomatoes)
Feta Cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt&Pepper as desired
Hot Chili Pepper. Mandatory for me.

Boil pasta as your taste in salted water. Cut the cherry tomatoes in four parts, the feta cheese and add to the pasta. Season everything with salt, pepper, EVO oil, and chili pepper for me.


Thanks to my pocket Winsor and Newton Jewel box, Stillman&Birn Pocket Sketchbook and my faithful Lamy.


Also thanks to my wife.

Suddenly she was falling asleep 

Suddenly she was falling asleep

Yesterday afternoon while awaiting mamma, we were playing all together.

Me, Daniele and my daughter Viola on the seat. Talking, joking, listening child tunes. Having great time with them and the Play Doh putty.

In few seconds suddenly she was falling asleep. Is this a common scene among babies? I think so, wellit amaze me any time.

Probably I’m also a little envy of their absolute pureness.

So I made this during the lunch break.

I love your little daughter. You’re so much prettier than this ugly sketch… I apologize my sweet love!

On a side note I’m loving a lot these Pitt Pens in Sepia. Really nice.

As my lovely Stillman and Birn sketching book indeed.