Another view of Transport Building 

Another view of Transport Building


You know you k=have only few minutes and the world outside is releasing water as flying empty buckets.

I have with me my faithful equipment and that’s good.
Inspired again to see what I have in front of my window, observing the world like my cat.
Sketching like mad with my holy waterbrushes, awaiting the right time to go with my escodas.


At the end I was very happy, at least I sketched something. What I liked most is the great cloudy rainy sky.

Setting the mood in blue zone


At the hospital 

At the hospital


Many day ago I was in a hospital to find a close relative. It was the psychiatric section.
I had only 15 minutes visit and well I faced the emptiest faces ever.

I was sketching while waiting. The wait was not worth at all. My time went over before meeting the close relative in subject.
At least I sketched with my Zebra Ball pen.


Relaxing before the performance

Relaxing before the performance


On saturday 19/3 and on Sunday 20/3 me and team went for Italian Championship of Apnea and Diving.

It’s the most introspective sport ever, where the mind plays a very important role.
So part of the game is to meet maximum relax.

I was “forced” to sleep and relax in whatever way.
It included also some sketching of course.

And this is me…



Saturday  afternoon 

Saturday afternoon

Live from house saturday afternoon.
Kid is with fever but still full of energy and will to play. Only high fever can stop him.

I think it’s normal with kids, and this still amaze me.

Here Danny is with mamma playing with Play-Doh. Fever only 38.5C, something that can hit many “adults”.


Later the fever rose to 40.5C and hitted him badly. Yes he was sleeping but not like a relaxing sleep. I sketched him as a wonderful remember. Thank you my love.
I see him growing, now it’s bigger and even the lines of my sketch are saying that he is older.
I’m afraid. But I will always here for him

Love to everyone.


Used today a Zebra ball point (excellent for sketching) and my usual Watercolors from Winsor&Newton plus the Kuretake waterbrushes.
Sketchbook my dear Stillman&Birn pocket Gamma

Rainy day over the Transport Section 

Rainy day over the Transport Section

I spent most of time today on the window to see that today the weather is so variable. This morning sun, now in the afternoon rainy.

So I wanted badly to go for sketching, but the time was not so sweet and with watercolor and paper there’s no good match with rain.

Well it took around 25 minutes to do this sketch that was making me so happy.
I first outlined all the structure starting from the bottom this time, trying to be accurate in proportion.

Later I went with my faithful Winsor&Newton watercolor washes. I did many, even if not seems so, achieving miscellaneous results. Next time I will pull out my travel Escodas that I’m thrilled to use (yes it happens when you’re not using since some time, long time)

I was very relaxed and focused, looking thru the window and the rain. I was listening excellent music guided by Deezer and there was not that much colleague around.
Did I wrote that I was sketching in our meeting room? No?

A big thanks to m y faithful equipment that I’m continuously rediscovering.
My Lamy with EF nib and Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolors in the Jewel box, the kuretake brushes and yes, the stunning sketchbook from Stillman and Birn.