Interactions near the sea

Interactions near the sea.

Well as often I do I went near mum office to take a breath of air (hot air technically…) and I went near the sea.

I was gladl surprised that finally I fond two people chatting without having any mobile in hand. Also they was really engaged in a discussion and so made them an attractive subject to me.
So I started sketching and I was pretty inspired, first going to underline only with the Zebra ball pen I had handy. (Zebra are really nice for sketching and writing…so gliding and naturally waterproof ).

It took overall not more than 15 minutes. And I was feeling joy, a good sketch that is telling something different going, even under the rush of a short lunch break, in the right way. Not perfect, but pretty close my way.

An this is my setup as usually is always with me.

My ever ready Stillman and Birn sketchbook, Nomadic case, Kuretake brushes (wishing to use my Escodas more), Zebra ball point pen and Staedtler fine point. Plus my staple, my Jewel  case from Winsor and Newton.

Pretty much what I need in this days.

Sketching during the lunch break for workshop   guys 

Sketching during the lunch break for workshop guys 
Thanks guys for your hard work. 

We were having a good break together under the pavilion where is near the sea.

A sweet sea breeze was touching us, and the sun was delighting our skins so to have a pleasant break. 

Yes guys. You deserve this marvelous sunny break 

Obviously we had not that much time, so I first went for the outlines. The Staedtler pen is pretty thick for my tastes but I went loosely just no t loose the inspiration.


Then I went for coloring with short washes. The light from the sun, their work in suites and all was reminding me the blue color.

So I did. Cobalt blue and Frech Ultramarine. I enjoyed a lot this kind of sketching. I just missed more chances to do as that.


A sunny break with colleagues

A sunny break with colleagues.

Some day ago there was a sunny day and so me and two colleagues from my office went out to have a meal, a break under a fantastic sunny day and a good healthy walk.

We took seat we talked and I enjoyed a lot these moments. Yes it was also an excuse to walk and to make some exercise, because we reached our destination by 30 minutes of fast walk.

But there was something missing. Such good moments, such sunny day and such small good moments needs to be fixed on the paper of my Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

So within a minute i took the first ball pen and I went loosely for sketching.
I love to catch these moments like that, suddenly, obviously I left this page without washing with any color…

Awaiting My Car Repair

Awaiting My Car Repair.

While My car was at the car was at garage for car maintenance I found one our free and a local park.

I found not that much people around that morning. A woman chatting on the phone seated on wooden bench alone and a couple of young dudes.
Both elements were isolated, just having cellphone handy.

I was so focused tat even they was far from me I was able to read the body language.

The couple especially where there was the boy seated with cell phone (all people today are sitting with a mobile) and the girl giving here the shoulders in a closing behavior.

I sketched very comfortably over my sunny side enjoying at the fullest these precious moments.


Still the sketching is one of the best and most interesting time-consuming activities isn’t it?