Nothing good today

Nothing good today I was not able to sketch nothing that good in my opinion.

I had also really not a good chance to do it, indeed. I was just arrived to the pavillion, and after a relaxing call with my wife I started pulling out all my minimal equipment.

I also decided to go for Fude pen, just to sketch per outlines even quicker.

Nope, today probably because it’s Monday I don’t felt the magic powder going through my pencil nor pen nor water brush.

And it’s a pity becasue I had in fornt of me interesting subject. I mean no way… to day no buono.

As I think in these (sad) moments to me: at least I was there and at the very least I sketched something.


A Very Warm Day a Quick Sketch

A Very Warm Day a Quick Sketch

Today is a crazy day speaking about weather.
The air is crazy hot and with humidity like the Victoria Lake. Almost I can’t breath. The colors are strange as the light is full of sand dust. Everything seems under a strange old style filter like the ones I use on the Iphone apps.

It’s really something incredible. Thermometric sticks to only 33C but the humidity is so high that I’m drinking not breathing. I feel very very hot, I can stay outside for few minutes.
I see even people playing in the basket playground near to me. Crazy people that stopped only after three minutes of first game: the hot shot given from the sky can be really harmful.

But I have some goals that keeps me to dare this hot weather and go out for a sketching


A thug one of the bigger ones was crossing the sea in front of me at the pavilion.
Sniped. In less than 10 minutes I washed these pages with watercolors and previously I dropped some loose outlines. I can’t dare that this is a proper sketch, whatever, I won at the end.


Well at least the sketching dries quicker.


Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Watercolor what a fantastic tool!

Hello All,

I decided to join this fantastic challenge raised by Doodle Wash.

I love watercolors and as at least 97% of my sketches and doodles have some washes with watercolors I feel honored and having fun in following this great challenge.


What’s that probably you’re asking. It’s something good for the art, for the heart, for the soul and for the children.

Here from the site

It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor! Simply tag your watercolor art with #WorldWatercolorMonth during the month of July! Try the ultimate challenge of 31 watercolors in 31 days, or simply post when you can!


More info on the official page here


About this challenge I will catch this chance as an excuse to use a new Stillman&Birn Sketchbook and this is another good point. Undecided if using a heavier S&B and which format but at least I will use it for sure!

So let’s do it!

I will be there on Instagram as @Mostho and on Twitter @SketchingMostho

A straight razor a brush and a sponge 

A straight razor a brush and a sponge

Titling to me is always a difficult task, yet I feel so important to give a good one, based on my experience. The other title for today sketch could be also something like “when you don’t have anything inspiring just keep a picture handy”. Is this title too long?

But it’s true. 

I really didn’t find anything rally interesting (even with my motto mode on) so I retrieved a picture on my IPhone. In reality I love also to keep some picture in my phone of several subjects just for this scope. Like this one.

 If I’m inspired and I’m in the middle of nowhere interesting at least I have some visual remembers to sketch. And to me it’s fine.

Well this is the very recap of today sketch made really in so short time. Saving the sound from many bad thoughts and not positive vibration is important. at least for the next 5 or 7 minutes.

And here it is the result of this monumental effort made today. Included the blogging during my lunch break.

Some more technical details. I’m discovering to use very often only one brush size for the whole painting, starting from the one I used first. For instance if I use first a larger one to make larger washes like sky or sea colors, I keep it. Even if the sketching wants or needs some more details. 

This time avoiding to go for a larger brush a I started straight with a medium fine brush> I was thinking to use a detailed but this is another mind talking.

When in rush go for simple

When in rush lets go for simple.At least is better than nothing.

War ships going outside, where I don’t know. Barely had the time to make quick sketch when passing in front of me. There was of many countries, the most beautiful passed when I was writing this blog (and so not sketched) the Libeccio from Italian Navy.

Here it is my sketch of today