A straight razor a brush and a sponge 

A straight razor a brush and a sponge

Titling to me is always a difficult task, yet I feel so important to give a good one, based on my experience. The other title for today sketch could be also something like “when you don’t have anything inspiring just keep a picture handy”. Is this title too long?

But it’s true. 

I really didn’t find anything rally interesting (even with my motto mode on) so I retrieved a picture on my IPhone. In reality I love also to keep some picture in my phone of several subjects just for this scope. Like this one.

 If I’m inspired and I’m in the middle of nowhere interesting at least I have some visual remembers to sketch. And to me it’s fine.

Well this is the very recap of today sketch made really in so short time. Saving the sound from many bad thoughts and not positive vibration is important. at least for the next 5 or 7 minutes.

And here it is the result of this monumental effort made today. Included the blogging during my lunch break.

Some more technical details. I’m discovering to use very often only one brush size for the whole painting, starting from the one I used first. For instance if I use first a larger one to make larger washes like sky or sea colors, I keep it. Even if the sketching wants or needs some more details. 

This time avoiding to go for a larger brush a I started straight with a medium fine brush> I was thinking to use a detailed but this is another mind talking.

When in rush go for simple

When in rush lets go for simple.At least is better than nothing.

War ships going outside, where I don’t know. Barely had the time to make quick sketch when passing in front of me. There was of many countries, the most beautiful passed when I was writing this blog (and so not sketched) the Libeccio from Italian Navy.

Here it is my sketch of today

A picture from the pavilion

A picture from the pavilion. I don’t like to share much pics on my sketching blog, but I think this one deserves a special place. It deserves a special places because here I made a lot of sketches and I had relax while drawing during the lunch break. Like now.

The pavilion is a wooden structure located near my (current) job place. It’s near the sea and during good days like today I can hear the sound of the waves, the engines from the ferries above me, I can smell the salty air and I can enjoy of a good light and good colors.

Yes, I’m grateful to be here even in the worst days. 

It’s a quiet and inspiring side of the sea (when not partying or used for official events) that loves to be enjoyed. In many times I went here also to not sketching at all, just enjoying the sound, the smell, the touch the sea breeze. And if only I can have 5 minutes relief from daily troubles or issues, it’s beneficial at all.

For many it’s nothing to me I’m grateful I can enjoy.

Few hours in Acquaviva Delle Fonti. Another Quick and lovely trip of an Urban sketcher.

Few hours in Acquaviva Delle Fonti. Another Quik and lovely trip of an Urban sketcher.
I had the joy to help my wife and we went it together out another day. We two, without kids (sigh). Yesterday we was in Bari, the day after we was in Acquaviva Delle Fonti. A wonderful small city having its origins in the middle age if not before.

So went to the center of the City and followed and walking trail. Very touristic, interesting until a certain point. I went straight inside the heart of the crowd and I chose to follow people smell. this Church of San Benedetto was my first encounter. Lovely but not inspiring to me. Not at this time.

Also I had some time to go around and enjoy few hours of arts and sketching. I was very lucky beacuse in the city there was a lot of schools students out showing their masterpieces. Many art a oratorios from schools of any grade were there. It was exciting. A new breeze for the heart and my internal lake filling again.

So much people out and I loved to see drawings, pictures, compositions, sculptures, recycling, thirst paints, and so forth. I enjoyed to see their proud in letting out their feeling for their city. Really I was admiring them all and the professors trying to rule them all… It’s not that easy!!

A cup of latte freddo macchiato just to start, as my personal tradition, this new adventure. So seated on the border of the sidewalk I started sketching the palace in fort of me with the big clock. I started sketching really relaxed non caring all the young dudes surrounding me and few curious childs. This is also what I love from being in between people and sketching them: I feel like melting with them, painting not the reality ( I can’t in any way) but offering to my remembers my view

I was very slow today but I didint care. I’m not making any sketching race. Sadly and happily I also finished my favorite ballpoint gel pen that I used so much, the Zebra pen. 

Weather was so nice and so sunny I took another pause and I went around the City Palace. Nice building, full of young boys preparing other arts arterial to be displayed on the place. After this pause I seated again on the sidewalk, this time in fort of the main cathedral. The rose window on the center is stupendous. Intricate details and marvelous integrity and symmetry. Wonderful. This rose window is over a very elaborate portal entry, with two lions on the bottom of the columns, showing this romantic heritage. What else.

I started sketching with my arms spending so to capture in full the light and the view. Tiring position but very rewarding for the soul.

I will remember that cobalt blue sky forever lightened by a clear intense sun. I was going slower as I was cooking under the sun without any shadow. Few minutes before noon I ended. Not fully satisfied indeed, but hey these are my remembers saying “you were there!”. I also added few caption about my personal best point to remember of this Cathedral.

Again thanks to my faithful companions, like Stillman and Birn gamma Sketchbook, Stadtler Pen, Kuretake water rushes and my small tireless colors in the Winsor and Newton Jewel Box.