Few Hours in Bari. I’m an urban sketcher.

Few hours in Bari, a beautiful city of the South Of Italy. I felt again to be proud of urban sketcher family.

I was there to help my wife for some things and I had also two three hours off.

Although Bari is a known city to me I took the chance to be a sketching traveler. Imagined losing me I between the streets of Citta Vecchia, breathing the air of its long and fantastic lungomare, taking a coffee in a small caffe near Teatro Petruzzelli. Yes I had few hours of pure fun. 

And I was making something I like the most: being in between people observing them, breathing with them and last but not the least… Sketching!

So I first make a quick tour, I parked my car. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed a lot. This picture is showing so good my view and the mood was consequently something sunny too. So I breathed the salty air of the port, full of noises, voices, and slices of life.

People was running, going to school or going to work, there was life. And I loved to see all of that.

I fought a little bit my sunny laziness and I sketched on the right side. I was inspired by that side. Go! I felt very lucky and grateful to be there and with this right mood I sketched below. Faithful companions under the sun first of all the Stillman and Birn Sketchbook plus the Kuretake water brushes and my over beloved jewel box from Winsor ad Newton.

Near the sea there are also vendors. Probably not a lot of people can imagine how much fisherman and street vendors can yell and shout. I was there. Some fish fresh squids and live octopuses were asking to be sketched. I promised to them later, in the meantime I took these pictures with my ever ready mobile phone.

Few meters, few steps from this gorgeous view I stopped on a stone bollard for sketching. 

I’m sketching a lot standing still with the sketchbook in my hands. This allows a more free (in my opinion) sketching so you can sketch pretty much everywhere. At the cost that I’m not a stable surface and lines can become looser. It’s not always. A bad thing I suppose.

Then I go for coloring and washing what I did, and sorry but aI can’t wash my sketching stand still. But I’m working on that.

It was near noon, the sun was hitting badly and I was almost cooked. I get a nice tan, just don’t look over the neck. So I went to the near park and I made another think I like to make that fills my interior lake. I love sketching, and yes I love even more sketching people (if only I could).

So still in the Mediterranean tradition I was there admiring and sketching old people in the park playing cards. No sorry they were not playing cards, they were fighting for the last day before the Apocalypse.

There was a real important question touching me: where they get that chairs? A quick tour later gave me the answer: they are chained and secured between a small bush of the park. At ready, but no too much visible to most people passing and having a promenade. Smart.

Yes. I enjoyed too much.

Thank you Bari for this fantastic moments.