A Straight Razor 

A Straight Razor.

Starting the  #WorldWatercolorMonth with a straight razor. For this month I will use a Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook, my wife’s favorite. Still a wonderful sketchbook indeed

Yes probabaly seems strange to sketch a straight razor as for start but in my opinion everything is worth to be sketched and this one also has a meaning.

I’m also a strong advocate of wetshaving and so its natural to feel at home when sketching this very old piece of s=good steel. In these days where everything is disposable, often disposable where it’s not really necessary, I love to discover and rediscover these kind of things.

Wetshaving is culture. Yes it’s like talking  about drinking coke or a good wine. Unless someone has alcohol intolerance talking about wine is moreninteresting and healthy.

Technically speaking today I used a tool that I was not using since a loving time. My Aurora fountain pen loaded with Platinum Carbon Ink. The Fabriano Paper is a perfect match with it and so also the watercolor loved the rough texture of this page. Yes, now I remember why it’s a world favorite.

Drop cartridges go for wetshaving. It’s good for you, for your wallet and for the environment too

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