A baby and a trolley

A baby and a trolley

The title of “A baby and a trolley” I admit can sound cryptic and weird. Something like a bad horror movie. At the opposite it’s a funny, lovely truth.

A baby and a trolley 02

I usually stop and observe my toddler movements and when actioning. My wife probably looks to me like Forrest Gump with chocolate in my hands. But I’m focused on my beloved angel. And I feel fascinated by him.

The story is all about our baby that is barely walking. He’s curious and now that is taking the first steps I think he feels like a compact-sized Indiana Jones. Moreover he’s attracted for everything is up to one meter from the floor and some more above.

This story is also about a red old kitchen trolley where the “nonna” (grandma for english speakers and reader) usually places baskets full of food or fruits or other kitchen stuff. It is also used to serve food when doing the rare big lunches that many are imagining the italians always do. Nope.

So this story about a baby and a trolley is more or less that this funny small elf is strongly attracted from the rattan baskets over this small trolley. He knows that currently there are only some nuts and few plastic bags over it but  he want to reach this top. Irresistible.

A baby and a trolley 01

So I was shocked by this scene and I took several pictures of that. And as countless more. I believe that babies of one year old are like small genius with the only limits that they cannot speak properly. Probably it’s even better… 🙂

A baby and a trolley  03

Yes, there is always mamma that is guarding him at one or two steps beyond. But it’s funny the same I suppose.

I made this sketch using the Faber-Castell Pitt Pen instead of the Lamy Safari workhorse. I strongly recommend it since sketch very well and it’s fully waterproof.
One day I will decide the best pigmented pen choosing from Faber Castell Pitt Pen, Staedtler Pigmented and the classic Pigma Micron (outsider there are the Zig Pens also…). Currently the run is from the first two of this list.


Colors are Winsor&Newton washed by Kuretake Zig Waterbrushes. The journal is my current must, the Stillman&Birn Beta notebook. (I want more!!)

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  1. What a wonderful sketch of your son!!! You are so right to capture moments like these now, and have them to treasure forever. Wait until he learns to upend it…which will be soon I’m sure. Be careful!

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