A quick test of blogging with my phone

A quick test of blogging with my phone

This is a quick test of blogging with my iPhone. Although I am more comfortable to post only with the computer under my hands, I just needed to try this chance.

WordPress is still a very powerful platform and I love it since the first days. I made all blogs with WordPress.

By the way I choose to start exploring the chance to publish my sketching even on the phone, because sometimes you need to day something more than the 140 words on Twitter, or because an image on Instagram is too fancy.
iPad sucks on pictures while it’s more comfortable for writing than iPhone. But the phone shoots good pictures so, like journaling at the fly this is my first picture that I like to share thru my iPhone:


Yeah it’s a sketch made during the night. I was urging to make something on paper and I took one of my recycled notebooks (you can even notice that I like also to mix the kind of papers… Soooo funny!) and I scratched with my Noodlers Ahab filled with Noodlers Black.
I started to sketch what I had immediately on my view, so some kitchen appliances and so forth. I did it while almost dark, the Chief (my baby boy) was sleeping and while I don’t remember exactly why I was awake I did this sketch.

Urgency of sketching satisfied. The results, well, it’s there!

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  1. Well, I kinda disagree with you about taking pictures with the iPad. It depends. I don’t have an iPhone and have heard it is phenomenal (camera) but I have taken some very nice photos with the iPad (and some very grainy ones also). Depends on this and that. Today I took a crisp, clear shot of some flowers. The sun glare made it impossible to see the image on the screen so I just pointed it towards the flowers and pushed the button and looked at the result when I got home. True color and sharp image. This is mostly my experience with my iPad2.
    Also, I’ve been doing all of my blogging directly from the iPad. WordPress. No app involved.
    Have you taken a pic with your camera, emailed it to yourself, put it in the camera roll (can crop end enhance if wanted) and then blogged from there via email? Easier than it sounds.

    1. Hello Pat,
      Thanks for your point of view about iPad camera. As I wrote before I even said that blogging with iPad is really good.

      But the camera, it’s still objectively its weakest point. It depends from this and that, true also, but for the bucks the ipad camera is still weak! I have it, and I’m writing about I have and use. During the daytime is easy to have pleasant pictures but with just a look with Photoshop, well, you notice the issues easy.
      Btw, Probably it’s a brand choice and as an Apple lover I say yes it works.
      The big deal for the buck I think it’s the iPad mini.

      And probably the next time if Apple will improve any iPad camera at least to the level of iPhone 4… Will be perfect!

      These are my 2c.

      Thanks Pat for your comment, really appreciated.
      In the meantime I’m keeping following your great digital sketches!!

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