A sketching from one of my journal pages

It’s worth to show one sketching from one of my journal pages so far.

Sketching from my journal that I’m making.
It’s one of the projects that I’m doing, this one in particular is for someone special that will hopefully show in the next times.

In few words I’m sketching and drawing and doodling this journal to my wife and the baby inside her. Yes, soon, hopefully, we will enjoy the parenting. Me as dad? Wow, I feel weird. 🙂

I’m really enjoying to make this journal in specific, it’s one of my most dedicated projects. I make sketch and doodles here almost every single day, to show and to illustrate what happened during the day, to write short thoughts, lists, everything. It’s like a private sketching that I will open later, probably in the next 18 years like a treasure.
God willing, I will be there when the recipient will be reading this art project.

In this picture of this sketched journal, taken with my phone after completed, I show a Sunday lunch passed with my parents and my wife’s parents.
sketching from one of my journal

I like to keep many thought inside this journals, and I like to play also with the layouts like a news paper, like a fancy magazine or free. Sometimes I go back and I also add some more caption in very tiny writings… Funny. A lot of fun to say at least. Also because I do it usually during the night or after dinner so I can recap all the day with ease, and that’s fine also because all the noises are gone and I can work on it very quietly. Just the sound of my brushes. Sketching during the night also assumes that is like working in a different world, focused, very focused on what you are doing.

In this journal I have a lot of fun because I’m sketching with many techniques, still ink and watercolors are my favourite.
Usually, I wrote here with a dip pen and inks, india inks, drawing inks, fountain pens inks and so forth. But many times, I wrote here straight with my fountain pen.
The often I draw with pencil, but a lot of time I go straight with my faithful fountain pens (Rotrings and Lamys) so to ink directly.
Then I go down with watercolors, my faithful watercolors, or with washable pastels, or both, or I go with any kind of pen, even the cheapest ball point.
Having no rules at all, at least in your personal art projects I think is worth to do.


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  1. This journal will give you and your loved ones great pleasure with the passage of years. It will be fun to go back and read how you felt at this special time, what you were doing, where you were living, what your dreams were and your hopes. There is only one “first” child…it’s a time like no other and very special.

  2. Expecting your first child is a very happy and special time, and it’s a wonderful gift that you are making with this sketchbook. It’s beautiful – thanks for sharing it with us.

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