A wonderful gift. My new Aurora fountain pen

A wonderful gift. My new Aurora fountain pen.

That’s the way it goes.
I have a wonderful wife and I fell so lucky.

ell it happened that my wife went out with the baby to buy a gift for my brother in law birthday. She told me that she went out to buy a fountain pen. He found one, and sent me a message on my Iphone. Later she came to our house with this surprise.
This wonderful surprise. Instead of buying one she bought two fountain pen. One was for me.
And I love it.
As Italian seems strange to say, but I have no Italian fountain pen. And that’s a pity as you know that we (Italians) make excellence in writing since a long time.

And this is the glorious fountain pen for everyday use. It’s a M nib so great for a smooth writing (it’s really smooth), note taking, journaling and whatever. Also good for sketching, but that’s for who dares. Me!




Still undecided which ink to use. In the meantime I filled this pen with the closest orange color I have: the excellent Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown. Let’s see what in the future ink rotation for this pen.
Now going to match my Rhodia, orange of course,

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