Bamboo Pens

Bamboo Pens

I received some days ago some bamboo pens from this fantastic seller Kate Moby. Take a look also at her site here, she’s also a photographer, a designer and an illustrator.

I was willing to have some bamboo pens because I have to admit I have seen many times Danny Gregory using it.

I love the way these pens are leaving fat and expressive lines. The power of these bamboo pens is released when using india inks like one my favorite: Sennelier India Ink. India inks are waterproof for nature since they contains shellac and, depending of the thickness of the ink, these bamboo pens can leave also a “tactile” thick line.

As far I received it I though that there is another good subject to sketch during my lunch break – too much time I’m sketching at the lunch breaks… does it means that I’m stressed?

I started to outline them very slowly with my TWSBI VAC 700 filled with Noodlers Lexington Gray. This pen leaves fine lines and sometimes I feel almost like having a liquid soft pencil, but waterproof. And very enjoyable because I’m sketching using a fine fountain pen.

Bamboo pens 01

This is only an outline, and sometimes I can make good outlines. I think that this time I made a barely good outlining on the sketchbook. I took this picture with my Ipad Mini, I think it renders the idea.

Starting to fill here and there with my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists’ Watercolors, and this is the result about several washings and layers. But the Stillman&Birn Beta sketchbook is supporting quite well my water brushes and washes. Sketching and making everything over it is simply a pleasure. Even lettering and calligraphy lyes like a silk on the rough paper as previous post.

This is the ( not ) impressive result of my sketching.

Bamboo pens 02

To be honest I over worked a bit on this sketching of my bamboo pens. Final wording made as I love. I used just the indigo remaining on the lid :).

If interested bamboo pens are available also here in the Jackson’s Art Store as set or as single pen, that is very handy.


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    1. Hello my friend Tina.
      I’m not familiar with Kiah Kien but you made so curious that I will go for sure to be inspired by this. What a great idea to carve hem himself! Cheers

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