Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Watercolor what a fantastic tool!

Hello All,

I decided to join this fantastic challenge raised by Doodle Wash.

I love watercolors and as at least 97% of my sketches and doodles have some washes with watercolors I feel honored and having fun in following this great challenge.


What’s that probably you’re asking. It’s something good for the art, for the heart, for the soul and for the children.

Here from the site

It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor! Simply tag your watercolor art with #WorldWatercolorMonth during the month of July! Try the ultimate challenge of 31 watercolors in 31 days, or simply post when you can!


More info on the official page here


About this challenge I will catch this chance as an excuse to use a new Stillman&Birn Sketchbook and this is another good point. Undecided if using a heavier S&B and which format but at least I will use it for sure!

So let’s do it!

I will be there on Instagram as @Mostho and on Twitter @SketchingMostho

On holiday finally

Finally we got our time to go on leave.
Also this year we took the chance for a big challenge: going on leave to camping near the sea. With our seven months baby.
Phew! It’s hard! But rewarding.
And I also should find tome for some sketching but a seven mont toad sucks a lot of time and energy. More in this hot summer.

We are crazy for the sea sound and nothing beats our camping near the sea shores. While I’m writing here on my phone I hear loud the sea waves.

Some people pays for that sound into home. But you cannot buy the feeling, the salty smell of the sea and the pine trees and the relax pervading at night.

I feel older but a little bit happier.
I just need to lay down on our rubber mattress. And tomorrow morning at early I will be on the sea side. With my lovely family. Where the sea has the same color of the sky, just a little after the sunrise.

Hugs to all I’m taking a break!

Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom

Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom

Received parcel from the fountain pen swap with Tom and I’m very happy for this swap.

I received a kuksa, a nice brown sketchbook and a pocket of Conte Crayons. Wow… that’s too much looking later. I’m falling in love with all these things but the kuksa hitted me badly.
This kuksa looks gorgeous in picture but it’s even more wonderful in the hands. Since I love to have everything is craft and hand-made I’m quite happy to receive even something from the North of Europe.

kuksa pen swap

Thanks again Tom! Also looking forward to see more of your nice sketches here

I’m so excited for this fountain pen swap that I want to do more swaps in the future, and as promised this month I will make one swap and one give away.
So far so good, if someone is interested well, I  have a lot of ideas!


Here it is the winner of the Lamy Safari Pen Swap!

Here it is the winner of the Lamy Safari Pen Swap!
Good luck to the guy who wins my first swap of the Lamy Safari total Black…Yeee!

lamy pen swap 02
And I say first swap because I’m so happy to do this swap and I’m so excited in receiving parcels from all around the world that I decided to do one swap at month!

And I even know what to swap the next month, another veeeeeeeeery interesting thing of my own, and hand made.

We was (yes I asked to my wife also who can be the winner) very struggled on this decision. I love all you of you friends, really, and if I was rich I’d like to send all of you, each one, one of my pen.
So we decided first of all the winner of this family contest, second to make a monthly swap, third to make also one give away every two swaps! It means that every month I’d like to swap something I own with some of all of you my friends, and every two swaps I’d like to make a giveaway. Could be a pen, a special pencil, a set of crayons… until now I dont know. But from the next month there will be here a swap and a giveway!The giveaway will be my present to some of you accepting this, at only one condition: just send me back a letter, a postcard sized sketching, a simple postcard, something like that. To me sounds good and exciting!

Sorry if I diverted from the main argument, so please the winner is…

Tom Serratti is you!

As written before we was very struggled in this decision, what we appreciated was the original idea. although I love all people wrote here and all thing were so yummy… so could be the next time for the other people.

So please write me, so also the ink you wish you receive so I can fill the pen with, and obviously your details.


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap

I’d like to make a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Swap. So I rarely do a swap with something that I’m really addicted like my Lamy Safari fountain pen… But also I know that swapping with something that you really love, although is difficult from an affection side, is more rewarding for the other side of the heart. Swapping something that you really love has more value than swapping that you feel unuseful and unused: I love recycling but this is to be considered friendship swap. I also love to receive packets, deliveries and parcels… 🙂

The swap works like that: I’d like to send to someone in the world this pen, complete with converter and filled.

I’d like to see comments on this swap below my post, from many friends about what do you like to swap with this pen or something like that.
Could be everything.
I mean everything, better is if it’s something art or craft related: obviously I prefer a colored pencil to a Teddy Bear or something like a used ink bottle rather your persian carpet!
It should be only something that catches my attention.
I will choose between all comments posted down this post so…
Be creative!
Tell me what you will swap with my pen, cross the finger and keep a happy sketching.
You also the lucky winner, if you can, send your swap free of charge.

Lamy Black 01

So this is the pen in the picture (notebook cover not included… but soon…): one of my lovely Lamy Safari fountain pens, the plain black one. The pen is always used by me but with love and care. Sports a F nib and it’s included the converter. The converter is filled with Noodler’s Lexington Grey.

Time will be over Sunday 31st of March. Then I will choose the lucky friend from all comments received, I will make a post here on the blog and I will send this pen to the lucky friend all over the world, free of charge of course. And I hope to make another post upon arrival of my parcel!

So please comment under this post what you want to swap with me and good luck!