Oak Leaves From The Park

Oak Leaves From The Park

During one of these rainy days I had a little spare time and i was really really inspired for sketching. Alone in the kitchen I was remembering about a really nice sunday trekking in the park where we went out with family.

Daniele and Viola really loves flowers, leaves and many small things like these and they also talk and sketch about that. You can say guess why but it’s Mamma merit.

So I set up my personal remembrance scenario, like this. It’s easy guys. Once you have the inspiration, I think I just have to catch the chance and to not let go the flow. Here my stage set. Three leaves of different autumn hues on a white towel. Good music on. Nostalgia on. Love is on the air. Go.


I took a deep breat and the Noodlers Konrad filled with Noodlers Black started sketching. I’m missing my detailer waterbrush, so I try to raise the finest line as possible from the smaller in my arsenal. Im loving in these days to try some lettering, fancy or funny and the semi flex nib helps a bit.

Get inspired. Don’t let go the chance. I’m not telling to you. I’m telling to me first.


A Small View From My Office Desktop

A Small View From My Office Desktop

During my lunch break, outside it’s raining and this limits a bit the breathing of fresh open air sketching.

But still the need and will to sketch arises.

Just 15 minutes and probably still needing some more but hey…Well better than nothing isn’t it?

Instructions included in the sketch 🙂

Because Nonna Says

Because Nonna Says

Come to us tomorrow. We have want to fry just fishes. Let’s have a meal together.

Oh yes, this kind of oily and salty temptation was really well accepted.
Obviously something sketched here was only a minor part of what she cooked. Note that me and our family are not starving for now, but you now, nonna (and mamma also) makes these delicatessen for love. Big love

For the sake of accuracy there was (notice the past tense) mussels, cod, big shrimps and many other smaller fishes on this plate.

I’m loving this Noodlers Walnut, for the technicians says, it not fully waterproof but really loving the tone.


Quick Review on Noodler’s Ink Walnut

This is a quick revioew about one of my favorite ink produced. At today I’ve 9 Noodlers inks and I love so much all.

But this have something special. Flows perfectly with any nib, gorgeous brown color with a hint  of a greenish hue.

Not fully waterproof but that fine.

Here with a ISD (Improvised Sketching Device) a twig right out my office
At the end this ink is Highly Recommended. 

I’m currently using since more than two weeks and it’s taking slowly more space over my hand made sepia.