Coloring some sketching made in Rome

Coloring some sketching made in Rome

Today I was not sketching at all, I need to recharge my batteries, but reading good books, having nice music and getting a lot of cuddle from my lovely. But later I was suffering, and my hands were shaking so I colored some quick sketches made in Rome last days of our small vacation. just for the sake of information I don’t have any rule about coloring later.
Sometimes I like, sometime not.  When I do the coloring, I just try to not let pass a lot of time because I’m short in memory like a red fish.

So these are some sketching uglies that I colored this late afternoon, just before going to the beach with Her.

This is Piazza Navona from the south side, avoiding all artists (?) that are making cheap portraits. This is the same quick sketch made during night and these are the colors. It’s so difficult to sketch during night or after the light has gone, but I think I have to exercise about that because the good season is got to go.
By the way the orange from the lights and the deep blue, I think I realized the feeling of the moment with this sketching.
sketching in rome piazza navona colored

But also I colored the statue of Girolamo Savonarola in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori. I sketched standing still, with people around me from the totally drunk to that people who are trying to sell you green lasers and shooting lighting toys in the air. I love them…Even this time I think I realized this quick sketching, I even remember the smell of fried potatoes and porchetta near to me.
sketching in rome piazza navona savonarola

I also colored where we eat during these days, here where you can find a good choice of rolls (panini in italian) called Aristocampo in Campo de’ fiori.
sketching in rome panino aristocampo

And a really good pizza, the Neapolitan way, not that turist pizza selling at every corner. Go here, probably is not the best but it’s big time above the average, to me a undeletable moment of joy.
sketching in rome pizza rosso pomodoro

But going around means also taking public transportation, big waiting at the bus stops, meeting mad people shaking and shouting at night, or just people commuting to home to have the right rest.
Here two pictures of that feeling, taken day and night.
sketching in rome at the bus stop

sketching in rome in the bus

A suggestion, in Rome is very difficult to sketch during the trip in bus because they are so shaaaaaaky! Streets are bumpy, rail and the drivers are quite rude. Sketching people advised. 🙂 But it’s lovely the same, as I love Rome from the bottom of my heart.

All these sketching are made with my cheap pigmented pen and colored with my home-made micro kit refilled with Winsor & Newton watercolors over SeaWhite of Brighton Eco Sketchpads.


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  1. Stefano, I discovered you recently through Danny Gregory’s blog. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. You inspire me to keep drawing everyday. I love your drawings and enjoyed your Rome series. I hope to make it there someday.

    1. Thank you Ellen for your kind words! It’s easier to go for sketching everyday. Not making masterpieces but just having fun with your style!

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