Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit

Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit

Probably because I’m mad for sketching, I assembled this Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit. That’s something I was thinking to make since some time.
I have many kits always at ready in my daily bag or at home or in the drawer of the desktop in my office. This kit will go into my daily carry bag (phew!)

I love sketching, and sketching often, if time allows. And this monochrome sketching kit although is not “a pen and a cahier” (the very essential kit) is somewhat close.

It’s composed by one of my sketchbooks, plus one pigmented pen (actually a Staedtler Pigmented Pen 0.3) and a Kuretake Zig water brush filled with Diamine Ink Grey. I’m crazy for this ink…

monochrome sketching kit

If you feel interesting this is one of four Journal Bandoliers I bought from Emily on Etsy. You can buy the Journal Bandolier here. She can realize also bandoliers on your specification. I asked here to make two and soon I will show them also.

So, these are some results from my  monochrome sketching.

monochrome sketching my way 03

Or during a lunch break.

monochrome sketching my way 05

Here it’s another kind of monochrome. I used a Lamy Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Ink, a waterproof blue that is art ready. You know what I mean! 🙂

monochrome sketching journal

monochrome sketching my way 02


12 Replies to “Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit”

    1. Oh yes Tina!
      You are always amazing me!
      I’m happy that you like this trick.
      To me it’s not that pale, although I will use in another water brush the Lexington Grey.
      From some of my early sketches, well I still prefer the Diamine for a hair!


  1. Stefano, I just filled a waterbrush with Diamine Grey… I’m going to try it! Thanks for all your great ideas.

    – Tina

  2. Sounds like a great plan for sketching quickly! Thanks for sharing it and the pictures that show how you use it.

  3. As usual I love reading each new post from you. I am taking an online course from Cathy Johnson about using washes with sketches so you use of ink in a waterbarush is another idea to use!! Love the sketch of your wife and baby too!!

  4. What a great kit! Do you dilute the Diamine Grey in the waterbrush, or is it full strength? When I need a very minimal kit, I use a fountain pen with water-soluble ink and a waterbrush for shading. But I can see that you can control the values better with Diamine Grey. Beautiful sketches, Stefano!

    1. Hello Tina,
      I use full strength ink. Actually I love it because is like working like liquid pencil tone. The more I work on it the more I get darker but without too much washes.
      It works, as you see in the picture, even in a normal Moleskine Plain notebook.
      I like your way, to go with a water soluble ink but after several tries I like more to go with my way. It’s easier easier to control shading, yet is more accurate.
      I think also is the best way for a quick sketch: just like using markers but with a lot more flexibility.
      Just to tell you that you can use fountain pen ink like me because I like saturated colors or liquid watercolors.
      Moreover I keep experimenting…

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