Five Minutes Park, five minutes Sketch

Five Minutes Park, five minutes Sketch

Five Minutes Park. Five minutes Sketch. That’s all I can draw in five minutes with my baby tightly secured in the rear sits.

It’s Sunday, parked near a gas station, lots of car ahead me and a fabulous sunny day>
I didn’t hesitate a moment and I pulled out my Essential Monochrome Sketching Kit. Now even more minimalist. I have just one Pigma, one fude pen and one Staedtler as spare pen. I don’t even remember the size of them…

five minutes sketch

Not finished, I’d really wanted to finish it, and it’s far to be completed. Nothing more. Just used the Staedtler Pen and a lot of patience while trying to stay focused.

I’d like to finish as soon as possible this Moleskine Sketchbook pocket so I can have the chance to start at the soonest  new Stillman & Birn Alpha or Gamma in 4″x6″ size. Far better because if I decide to make some washes of watercolour at least I can do it. Here not.

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