Sketching Frisella Pugliese

Sketching a “Frisella Pugliese”. Do you know what’s that?

Sketching recipes and food is one my favorite subjects so far.

Frisella is a kind of hard cooked bread. It’s circular like a disc, and is made by barley or whole flour or white semolina flour. It can be hard as a rock (literally) when comes out from the bakery. So it has to be softened by submerging this delicious food in plain water before doing everything else, like seasoning with tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and marine salt.
Just a suggestion, if you are on the beach you can soften this frisella by dropping it into sea…

It’s something very typical here and especially in summer, you can have a quick and healthy meal. And if coupled with tomatoes and a very good extra virgin oil like the one we make, it the best food of the world! Me and my wife love that. And happens very often to eat these frisellas!

Here it’s my sketching about.

Sketching a Frisella Pugliese

Another one sketched recipe. Hope you will like it.

Sketched on my Moleskine Pocket Watercolor Pad, with Winsor&Newton Artists’ watercolors, Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon ink.

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