Happy sketching day today

Happy sketching today

Today is not a sketching but is Happy sketching day!
We went this morning to the doctor for a visit that we were waiting for since some time.
It’s mainly a visit that show the morphologic status of the baby, so everything went sound and safe. But she was waiting for the sex of the baby growing inside the belly and… tadaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s a baby male!
And we are very happy!
So I sketched this on my dear journal, sketching straight from the pictures taken from the visit with the magic sonar.
I used the Rotring Art Pen filled with Noodler’s Black, the Pentel Brush Pen, and most of all the Stabilo Woody Pencil that is something new that I love a lot.
sketching today news its a male

Here is written in italian that “finally we know that in our life there will be a cute baby boy. Mum and dad are very happy”.

Then later I had a session of three hours at the dentist but this is not worth to mention so much…

But I had also some time for sketching something else. I was alone in the balcony enjoying the fresh air, and after three hours of continuous phoning to all parents, relatives, friends and colleagues, the wind was chilling my brain and my ears. And finally is not that hot. So I was captured by a very common image in any family, that I love really a lot: clothes drying.
sketching clothers drying

I did this sketching very quickly going into ink straight without thinking. I sketched also looking at the ink not so often, trying to make as right brain training. And it’s not my best but I’m pleased of the results overall. Sorry for the crappy picture but I felt relaxed only about the sunset and so I started sketching this.
I used my lovely Lamy Safari and my Winsor & Newton Watercolors over the SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pad.


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  1. I can only imagine how “over the moon” you both were to learn you’re having a baby boy! Heartfelt congratulations. Your joy at learning that news is shown in your drawings.

    That sketch of the drying clothes is a very complex one, to do it “totally right brain” is amazing. I think it’s great.

    In the days when I was a young bride expecting my first child, there was no sonogram to tell the sex of the child. We had to wait until the birth to find out, always a surprise for all the kids we had.

  2. Someday, your son will be so thrilled to see his very first sonographic image in your journal! 🙂 I have a Lamy Safari pen and Noodler’s ink, but so far I have used the Lamy only with water-soluble ink cartridges. I’m going to give the Noodler’s a try — today!

  3. Congratulations! I remember how exciting it was for us to learn the sex of each grandchild from the sono. We never found out until the baby was born. Great sketches.

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