Lamy Fountain Pens Galore

Lamy Fountain Pens Galore

Just  a quick peek about my Lamy Fountain Pens Galore. It’s my Rhodia Plain Notebook with a sample of some of my Lamy Fountain Pens. The bandolier has the larger central slot empty because it needs a watercolors box. Or many other large accessories.

The main reasons because I love my Lamys are:

  1. I’m crazy for that design where shape follows function
  2. I love the possibility to easily swap the nibs between all I have. Included my Lamy Joy (not in this picture).
  3. The converter is a must, but when mounted it expands the ink gluttony
  4. They are very reliable and sturdy
  5. These Lamys won’t break my bank account

From left to right:

  • The new Lamy Al-Star 2013 Limited Edition in Matte Black. Gorgeous. Actually filled with J. Herbin “Gris Nouage” ink. I love greys and this is another one in my arsenal (soon some of my review). EF Nib.
  • Lamy Studio 39 in blue. Filled with Noodler’s Navy, my favorite blue. My blue.
  • Lamy Al-Star Pearl (a gift from my wife). Another Limited Edition. Filled with Noodler’s 52th Massachussetts Blue. The greatest on bulletproof blues. Lovely. It sports a F nib.
  • Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (another gift from my wife). Filled actually with the gorgeous Diamine Oxblood ink. This pen instead sports a 1.1 Nib.
  • Since I love odd numbers I don’t know if I have to buy one pen or I should move one in another kit. 🙂

lamy fountain pens on rhodia notebook

It’s not my obviously Sketching Kit Mark III, it’s just a notebook where from time to time I like to sketch some notes, instead of writing some notes. And Rhodia accepts better than others bands fountain pens (and even some very light washes if needed). Without bleeding. Clairefontaine paper for the next three months guys!

Please tell me if you are a fan of Lamy Fountain Pens too!!

In another post I will show you the other gift of my wife for the birth of our son… 😉


3 Replies to “Lamy Fountain Pens Galore”

  1. I love the sketches in the post below. I too love Lamy pens. So far I have only two of them…one in silver and one in red. They are great pens!

  2. Yes! I’m a big Lamy fan also! I’m embarrassed about how many I have… I like to keep them all filled with different ink colors (many just for writing, not sketching). Lately I have also become a fan of the Lamy Nexx (reviewed on my blog:, which is slightly fatter and very comfortable to hold. However, the cap doesn’t post well the way the Safari and Al-Star do, so it’s less secure. I also recently discovered the Rhodia notebooks. . . I used to be a big Moleskine fan, but after using Rhodia paper, I’m not sure I can go back. It takes fountain pen ink so much better than Moleskine paper!

    – Tina

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