My Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Cover on Etsy

My Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Cover on Etsy

Since some days I have Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook Covers on Etsy. They are like the ones we use at home, like these ones, and so I also decided to move my hand further and to make some for who likes these kind of covers.
These covers are like a most famous brand, probably better. Entirely hand made, hand cutted, hand dyed, hand finished from 6/7oz (!) thick vegetable tanned leather. I built them to last and to be used and abused.

These leather travel notebook sketchbook covers are in size to fit Moleskine Notebooks, Moleskine sketchbooks, Moleskine Watercolor, Moleskine Weekly Diary, Moleskine Cahiers, Rhodia Webbies and so forth similar items (I can make for almost any size…).
But I prefer to fill them with my handmade handbound recycled notebooks or sketchbooks. It’s just more fun, relaxing and I can recycle.

Some are here in my cardbox at ready.Leather-Travel-Notebook-sketchbook-cover

If you want to take a look please pass by my Etsy Shop, where you can find from now also some gorgeous, I say gorgeous because they are the same ones I use and I loved to make, leather key holders.

I’m also making some more vegetal tanned leather thingies, I decide from now to make something that I will need for art purposes and not only and to make them in vegetal tanned leather and in chrome tanned leather.

Please pass by myEtsy Shop and any feedback of yours is a lot appreciated.


PS: I’m shipping worldwide for free and the prices are promotionally ridiculous! Plus I’m including one of my recycled notebook… what else? 🙂

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    1. Tina
      How did you found that review?

      By the way I’m awaiting your feedback for the new project! :))


    1. Yes, absolutely! I make them to use with Moleskine or Rhodia pads, or for cahier and similar. I usually fill them with my home made recycled notebooks. Your choice! It’s a cover!

    1. Hello,
      Please go on my Etsy shop and you’ll find more info!! Just click on the badges on my site and there it is! Let me know!

    1. It was quite a bargain with the free shipping so I hope others will take advantage of the great deal. The leather looks so nice, plus it was made by you and it will help your sweet little family. I’m looking forward to receiving it.

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