Leather Sketchbook and notebook covers

Leather Sketch book cover

Yesterday in my craziness I made some Leather Sketchbook covers, inspired by a famous Japanese product ( I love japanese stuff) as Midori Travel Notebook.
I really love that Midori, how it’s made, the leather, and the way it works: simple and effective. Plus I love to have something that get better with age (like a good wine) and gets fashion and scuff of time (like me).
But the price of a Midori is quite high, and even it still has a lot of fashion I decided to be inspired and to do myself something similar.
In another life I had some experience in leather working, so until now I have some good quality tooling leather and a lot of other stuff to make (almost) everything with leather.

I felt suddenly the need to spend a couple of hours with my leather equipment, and I think for the same price of an original Midori I made at least two or three just for fun.

So I decided to smell again the fabulous aroma of the leather to cover my home made recycled notebooks and sketchbook. What a chance to recycle again, to get some fashion and to protect some more without adding not that much in weight?

This is at the end of the session last night.

notebook lsketchbook leather cover

This session was very rewarding because I made six leather covers, three in about A5 size and three in A6 about size, so to accommodate most common sizes of notebooks and sketchbooks. I’m in the mood to make some more and to make also cover for the Moleskine Watercolor Notebook or for the Moleskine Reporter Notebook style, something you can open like that.

I made one of each type in these colors: Canyon tan, a kind of brown orange that stains the leather but leaves the grain of the leather beautifully. One in mahogany and one in coal-black. Than I finished the leather with Resolene. Oh my goodness the smell of leather again.These are te pictures taken this morning. A wonderful surprise, they look even better.
notebook sketchbook leather cover 02
But I’m also in the mood to make more covers as well and something a bit more complicated. But not that much probably only using a brass button or something like that. Undecided.
I didn’t give a super finished product, not a high-end lustre or super finished. I left something slightly rustic: I want the time to make the job and time works better on these covers better if left like that.
Time scuff, time softens, time gives beauty. I want time.

leather cover 02

In the meantime I made wonderful houses for my recycled sketchbooks, notebooks and so forth. I can even accommodate one Moleskine pocket or Large or Rhodia Notebook with ease. And my fountain pens are more than happy.
And I can make more. And I have some more ideas coming…
I’m too more than happy to touch the skin of the leather…

What do you think about?

19 Replies to “Leather Sketchbook and notebook covers”

  1. Such good looking sketchbooks! I have one leather bound sketchbook which I always feel bad sketching on it because I just love the sketchbook so much πŸ™‚

  2. They look great! And it seems you have a real passion for working with leather which comes through in your writing. Looking forward to seeing more of your leather projects πŸ™‚

  3. Great job Stefano! I too love the smell of leather and I have quite a bit. My state, Maine, was a big shoe manufacturing state once and I have loads of leather from closed shoe shops. So great to have you back!!

  4. Beautiful, Stafano — MUCH better than the Midori notebooks (which I think are also quite nice) because you made them yourself. They are the perfect home for sketches and handmade notebooks made from recycled materials.

  5. They look great Stefano. I especially like the mahogany one. I too love Japanese stuff, I like using Palomino Blackwings for sketching. They are really nicely balanced pencils and the lead never breaks!
    I think your notebooks and leather covers are just as good (if not better) that Midori’s

    1. thanks Rebecca!

      I don’t think that to make this covers you need some special talent… Only some basic tools, a couple of hours and some leather!

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