Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome

Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome

Lunch Break Sketching in Monochrome is a way to hold on sketching light and easy. You have no time? A biro and paper are practically everywhere.

An Essential Monochrome Sketch kit like mine it can be composed even from a notebook and a pen or pencil.
So that’s my sketching kit, and I keep sketching as soon as I can. More often are ten minutes sketching like the ones following here.
I took all of them during my lunch break, in no time. I didn’t ever cared about the results (well, too much) so just to relax my eyes from a computer work. To ease my mind from terrible thoughts and to wipe some stress from work.
Ten. Minutes. Free. Everywhere.

Here some samples.

Lunch Break Sketching 02 Lunch Break Sketching 03 Lunch Break Sketching 04 Lunch Break Sketching 01

I did all these sketching using my kit. I’m using most of times my beloved Lamy Safari filled with Noodler’s Grey or the Pigma. The Platinum Fude Pen (a reviving love, I just tossed all soft pen nibs of every brand) and a waterbrush filled of Diamine Grey Ink.
Since I’m not using any watercolor (colors don’t stick over it !*&%$#@) the pocket Moleskine Sketch is going really well.


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