My Donkey 

My Donkey 

Well today is one of the day when outside is hot like a phone dryer the sun is roasting and the office is just too okay to leave it. So I throw the donkey and all the keys of my car on my desktop and I started sketching.

I have to say that I was really inspired, it happens a very often when I sketch something or someone I love. Yes it’s an easy task.
During these days I’m using a lot the Noodlers 54th Massachussets. Perfectly waterproof on Fabriano Venezia paper is also very pleasant to the eye going to different shades of dark grey and dark greens.

Plus all the sketches made recently are made using my Aurora fountain pen what a fine nib. The nib is equivalent to Lamy EF NIB.

Have I ever wrote that I love the oriughness of Fabriano Venezia paper?

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