Nothing good today

Nothing good today I was not able to sketch nothing that good in my opinion.

I had also really not a good chance to do it, indeed. I was just arrived to the pavillion, and after a relaxing call with my wife I started pulling out all my minimal equipment.

I also decided to go for Fude pen, just to sketch per outlines even quicker.

Nope, today probably because it’s Monday I don’t felt the magic powder going through my pencil nor pen nor water brush.

And it’s a pity becasue I had in fornt of me interesting subject. I mean no way… to day no buono.

As I think in these (sad) moments to me: at least I was there and at the very least I sketched something.


5 Replies to “Nothing good today”

  1. Thanks for sharing. You have so many good sketching days! I imagine you’ll like the sketch more, when you look back at it and it brings back memories of an enjoyable day.

  2. Stefano, Even if you were not pleased with this sketch, as you said, it is good that you sketched something. I actually like this sketch. It reminds me of a Japanese Sumi ink painting!

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