On holiday finally

Finally we got our time to go on leave.
Also this year we took the chance for a big challenge: going on leave to camping near the sea. With our seven months baby.
Phew! It’s hard! But rewarding.
And I also should find tome for some sketching but a seven mont toad sucks a lot of time and energy. More in this hot summer.

We are crazy for the sea sound and nothing beats our camping near the sea shores. While I’m writing here on my phone I hear loud the sea waves.

Some people pays for that sound into home. But you cannot buy the feeling, the salty smell of the sea and the pine trees and the relax pervading at night.

I feel older but a little bit happier.
I just need to lay down on our rubber mattress. And tomorrow morning at early I will be on the sea side. With my lovely family. Where the sea has the same color of the sky, just a little after the sunrise.

Hugs to all I’m taking a break!

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