On the ground in Timor Leste

On the ground  in Timor Leste

On the ground in Timor Leste.

Probably this is my most comprehensive show of transportation and vehicles on my blog posted until now.
This time I will not write a lot I will only show some pictures with my captions. very personal captions…

Here something on the street. Obviously is  working machine I believe a concrete mixer.
With the strong casting shadows ( it was around 1.00PM) I just outlined some. Then I took a picture and I run away because the heat and I finished to sketch  this steel bumblebee in my room.
Sketching in Timor Leste concrete machine on the ground

Well this is probably my best sketching about a bus in Timor Leste. It’s not my first time I sketch a bus in Timor. I love them because they are colorful (and full of people). Sadly this bus  was stopped at the side of the street. The people were awaiting probably some spare parts, but looking into their faces, the wait was very long.

Sketching in Timor Leste a bus stopped near the side of the street on the ground

And this is another bus. Let’s say it’s a truck full of people. I was sitting on the side of the street during the New Years day around Taci Tolu.THere was a lot of truck like this one serving as bus. And there was a lot of people over the trucks, childs, women, men, seated even just over the front glass.
And the street were full also of motorbikes, cars, people.
On the ground, on the street, around the city, many movement and life in Dili.

Sketching in Timor Leste on the ground the new year day 2013




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  1. You did a great job on the vehicles and the people! My favorite is the truck filled with people. You captured the crowded look so well. Thank you for sharing your work. I really enjoy seeing your sketches.

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